Featuring women from all walks of life who have made a difference.

A Powerful Noise promotes the global empowerment of womenA story to celebrate on the International Day of the Girl Child Abigail Adams mended the riff between two former U.S. presidents.Abigail Disney is a philanthropist and documentary filmmaker who focuses on social issues.
Ada Aharoni works for peace between Israelis and Palestinians with poetry.Ada Lovelace was a ninteenth century woman who influenced the computer programming of todayAdi Roche founded an organization that helps orphans of nuclear disaster.Afghan women write powerful
poetry - even amid war
Aletta Jacobs was a Dutch doctor, a feminist, a pacifist, and a human rights activist.Alexandrine Tinne was a young Dutch explorer and the first female to attempt to cross the Sahara.Alice Waters created the world famous Edible Schoolyard Project.Amy Biehl gave her life to ending apartheid in South Africa.
An engineering mom leads effort to save an old-growth Russian forest Andeisha Farid is the founder of Afghan Child Education and Caring Organization (AFCECO)Andrea Mia Ghez is an astrophysicist best known for her discoveries about the black hole at the center of our galaxy.Angela Brooks is an architect who works to create sustainable and affordable housing.
Ann Armstrong-Dailey and
Children's Hospice International
meet the special needs of children with life-threatening conditions.
Anna Akhmatova is considered one of Russia's best poets.Anna Jarvis is the mother of Mother's Day.Anne Frank wrote: 'Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. '
Annie Mansfield Sullivan Macy developed new methods for teaching blind and deaf students.Artemisia Gentileschi was a female post-Renaissance artist who tackled challenging themes.Audrey Penn:
Just Do It
is a medical doctor who has devoted herself to studying diseases that affect muscle control.
Augusta Ada Byron (Lovelace) developed the world's first computer program while struggling with her own personal hardships.
Aung San Suu Kyi has dedicated her life to freeing Burma from a repressive dictatorship and creating democracy without violence.Azie Morton valued education and gave back to her community.Barbara McClintock was one of the first women geneticists, and a Nobel laureate. Baroness Caroline Cox founded the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust.
Becky Matkov works to preserve Miami's indigenous history.Bella Abzug was a New York Congresswoman who fought for women's rights.Beth Rickard
is an advocate of solar as the energy of the future.
Billie Jean King is an advocate for women in sports and champion tennis player
C. Vivian Stringer despite great challenges, pursued her passion for basketball and is known for turning women into champions. Carey M. Thomas was a pioneer and model for women in education.Cathy Freeman wins races and respect for the plight of native Australian people.Chamique Holdsclaw is one of the most celebrated players in women's basketball.
Chi Nguyen was honored for helping street children in Vietnam.Chiaki Mukai is the first female Japanese astronaut.Chief Wilma Mankiller was the first woman to serve as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.Christiane Nusslein-Volhard is a Nobel Prize winner and pioneer genetic researcher.
Christine de Pisan was a 15th century French poet.Christine Silverberg was the first female Chief of Police in Canada. Claire Lalanne founded the Center for Nutritional Recovery.Clara Barton was known as the 'Angel of the Battlefield.'
Clara Hale was foster mother and founder of the Hale House.Clara Shortridge Foltz was the first woman to practice law in California.Claudia Gerwin:
Keeping the Neurons Firing
researches how nerve cells relay messages to each other.
Clotilde Dedecker provides educational opportunities for girls in Afghanistan.
Condoleezza Rice was the first female African-American U.S. Secretary of State.Connie Samaras has created media archives for deep space voyages.Constance Motley became the first African-American woman judge on the largest federal trial bench in the US.Corinne Almquist volunteers to restore the tradition of gleaning.
Corrie Ten Boom risked her life to help hundreds of Jews escape during WWII.Courtney Schumacher is an atmospheric scientist and educator committed to mentoring young women interested in science.Cristina Diaz:
studies intertidal and tropical sponges.
Dame Cicely Saunders founded the modern hospice to provide compassionate, holistic care to the dying.
Dana Reeve was an actress and advocate for the disabled. She was the heroic wife of Christopher Reeve.Daphna Ziman founded Children Uniting Nations.Darlene Ketten studies stranded whales and dolphins.Debbye Turner became Miss America and pursued her dream to become a veterinarian.
Deborah Sampson was the first American woman who fought as a man for freedom.Debra Ruh makes high-tech available
to the disabled
DeeDee Jonrowe is a veteran dog sled musher in the Iditarod RaceDenise Dunning unlocks girl
power through Let Girls Lead
Derartu Tulu was the first African woman to win an Olympic gold medal.Dian Fossey worked to protect the endangered Mountain Gorilla.Diane Challis Davy directs the Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters.Dilfuza Egamberdiyeva cares for the Earth's soil, researching ways to produce microbes to control plant diseases.
Dina Fesler opens a unique school in Afghanistan Dolley Madison was admired for her social graces, courage and patriotism as First Lady of the US.Dolores Huerta is a civil rights activist who worked with Cesar Chavez to found the United Farm Workers, Dolores Olmedo Patino was a Mexican businesswoman, philanthropist, and art collector.
Doreen Van Lee writes about her Chicago childhood.Dorothea Lange captured powerful moments in history with a keen eye for the human condition.Dorothea Lynde Dix was an advocate for the rights of the mentally ill.Dorothy (Mama Dot) Humbert inspired her family when she went back to college in her 70s.
Dorothy Ferguson Key played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.Dr. Barbara Ross Lee became the first African American woman dean of a US medical school.Dr. Caldicott has been a lifelong anti-nuclear activist.Dr. Carolyn Mazure founded the Yale Women's Health Program and is a forceful figure in the women's health movement.
Dr. Elizabeth Kalko
and the Jason Project
studies bats in the Panamanian rainforest.
Dr. Ella Mae Piper helped young people and the elderly in her community of Fort Myers.Dr. Elvia Niebla
Soil Scientist
is dedicated to soil conservation.
Dr. France Cordova is a renowned
astrophysicist who
has broken gender
and cultural barriers.
Dr. Gloria WilderBrathwaite was inspired to provide health care to the poor in the innner city.Dr. Hawa Abdi is a Somali doctor, human rights activist and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.Dr. Ines Cifuentes
works to improve science programs for students in Washington, DC.
Dr. Jeni Stepanek is interviewed by MY HERO's Slater Jewell-Kemker.
Dr. Karen Plaut has been a pioneer in animal science research.Dr. Kay Jamison is both an expert on, and a sufferer of, Bipolar Disorder.Dr. Kristi Curry-Rogers is an accomplished paleontologist who travels the globe in search of dinosaur digs.Dr. Sara W. Lazar
Neuroscientist - Meditator
researches the effects of meditation on the brain.
Dr. Shirley McGreal founded the International Primate Protection League.Dr. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh is a scientist dedicated to the study and conservation of bonobos.Dr. Susan Love is committed to women's health issues.Dr. Zeda Rosenberg is working to protect women from HIV/AIDS.
Edith Cavell was a nurse who risked her own safety to help others during WWIEdmonia Lewis defied restrictions on black women and achieved respect in the art community.Edna St. Vincent Millay was a popular and critically acclaimed poet.Eleanor of Aquitaine was a powerful and independant woman in the Middle Ages.
Eleanor Roosevelt was a dedicated and strong voice for her husband, FDR, and for the United States.Elena Caragiani-Stoenescu was the first woman pilot from Romania.Elizabeth Blackwell became the first female doctor and opened the first medical school for women.Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a pioneer in the movement for women's rights.
Elizabeth Daley has created an outstanding multi media educational program that serves as a model for the world.Elizabeth Glaser created the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.Elizabeth Jane Cochrane
(Nellie Bly)
was a journalist who went around the world in 72 days.
Ella J. Baker was an early and life-long civil rights activist.
Ellen Church pioneered the idea of having flight attendants on flights.Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is a leader who is bringing change and hope to Liberia.Ellen Lee DeGeneres is a comedienne and advocate for disadvantaged children, animals, and cancer survivors.Ellen MacArthur has broken numerous records with her courageous solo sailing adventures.
Ellen Ochoa was the first Hispanic woman astronaut.Emily Elizabeth Dickinson wrote nearly 2,000 poems in her lifetime.Emily Greene Balch received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1946.Emily Murphy was a key figure in the women's rights movement in Canada.
Emily Pozo created ICE to assist and educate residents of the Galapagos IslandsEmma Lazarus was an advocate for immigrants' rights and wrote the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.Emme Aronson is an outspoken advocate for bettering self esteem and body images.Emmeline Pankhurst fought tirelessly for women's suffrage, and succeeded.
Erica Fernandez gave a voice to the voiceless and saved her neighborhood.Erin Gruwell is the founder of Freedom Writers and an inspiration to teachers and students around the world.Eunice Kennedy Shriver dedicated her life to raising awareness and creating opportunities for the intellectually disabled.Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert made tremendous advancements in food safety in the American Southwest
Fabiola Gianotti is an Italian particle physicist.Fadela Amara is recognized throughout France as a champion of women's rights.Fannie Lou Hamer was a civil rights leader and voting rights advocate. Farkhonda Hassan is an Egyptian politician, scientist, professor, and women's rights activist.
Fateme was the prophet Mohammad's daughter and a leader to the people.Fati Kirakoya is a researcher committed to finding solutions to end HIV/AIDS.Fay Clayton is an attorney who works pro bono assisting civil rights cases.Five poverty-fighting women to watch
Florence Griffith Joyner (Flo-Jo) was one of the greatest women atheletes of all time. Florence Kelley was an outspoken leader against child labor.Florence Ngobeni urges African leaders to work for AIDS prevention.Florence Nightingale revolutionized nursing.
Frances Ellen Watkins was a prolific author and poet who devoted her life to speaking out against slavery. Frances Moore Lappe works to eliminate the injustices that cause hunger.Frida Kahlo became a famous Mexican artist despite polio and injuries.Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel revolutionized women's fashion and empowered women
Gail Kaaialii:
investigates the origins of life and helps others value all life forms.
Gerda Klein is a Holocaust survivor who works to stamp out intolerance, hatred, and childhood hunger.Gertrude B. Elion developed
the AIDS drug, AZT.
Gina Gallant is an inventor whose
passion is protecting the environment.
Grace Lee Boggs has advocated for marginalized people for over 70 yearsGrace Murray Hopper was a computer visionary and naval officer.Gwynne Rowley Shotwell is the president of SpaceX, the company that made the Dragon space craft.Harriet Tubman organized the Underground Railroad and helped lead slaves to freedom.
Hattie Elizabeth Alexander saved the lives of thousands of children through her work.Hazel Barton combines her passion for caving with researching microbes.Hazviperi Betty Makoni founded the Girl Child Network to transform lives.Helen Adams Keller wrote about her own life and education.
Helen Freeman survived the Holocaust and shares her story.Helen Zia is an Asian American journalist, scholar and activist for human rights.Helene Gayle is one of the leading authorities on AIDS research.Helping New Orleans make a comeback is her personal passion
Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands honors the bond formed between Canada and Holland during WWII with tulips.Hermine Santrouschitz
(Miep Gies)
kept Anne Frank and her family safely hidden from the Nazis.
Heroic Women Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai writes about the heroic women who have inspired her.Hilda Solis' Heroes
Holly Carter gives kids and others the tools to tell their stories.Hua Mulan is an historical figure who is celebrated in stories and film.Ilse Bing was a remarkable poet and photographer. Her works withstand the test of time. Inez Milholland Boissevain lived a brief but spectacular life dedicated to women's suffrage.
Irene Curie was the second woman in history to win the Nobel Prize in science; the first woman was her mother, Marie.Isabel Allende is one of the first and most successful, eloquent, and admired female novelists in Latin America. J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books.J.K. Rowling's Story tells us to 'Never, ever let go of your dream!'
Jackie Joyner-Kersee is the women's world record holder of the heptathalon and a philanthropist.Jacqueline Edelberg believes every child deserves a great neighborhood public schoolJane Addams was a leading reformist and peace advocate.Jane Mt. Pleasant is an agricultural scientist who looks to the past to meet today's farming needs.
Janet Guthrie First woman to race in the Indianapolis 500 Janet Jagan was the first female president of Guyana and dedicated her life to building the independence of a nation.Jennifer Epps inspires inner-city students and teachers in Los Angeles to excel Jessie Christopherson helps the physically and mentally challenged accomplish things they never thought possible.
Jessie Daniel Ames worked openly and actively on behalf of racial justice.Joan of Arc died for her beliefs.Jody Williams is a human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner who began a campaign to rid the world of landmines.Johnie Sue Reinhard is a cancer survivor who inspires others with her positive attitude and tenacity for life.
Josefina Lopez is a Latina screenwriter
who believes in the
power of women.
Josephine Ruffin served as the editor and publisher of the first newspaper published by and for African-American women.Judit Polgar is breaking the gender barrier in the world of chess.Judith A. Resnik inspired others with her determination to become a scientist and an astronaut.
Judy Warner worked to create a public high school for technology.Julia Hill brought public attention to deforestation in California.Julie Krone a female jockey and first woman to win the Triple CrownKaren Tse is an attorney dedicated to ensuring basic legal rights for Asian citizens.
Karla Diane Hurrell and her husband have fostered over 150 children.Kateri Tekakwitha was an early convert to Cathlicism and has been beatified.Katherine Sheppard is New Zealand's most famous suffragette.Kathy Eldon inspired by her son, works for peace and tolerance.
Kathy Eldon overcame tragedy by helping others tackle challenges Kathy Sullivan was the first American woman to walk in space.Katie Lee is a passionate advocate for wilderness.Kelly Perkins climbs mountains to raise support for organ donation.
Kendall Ciesemier is an inspiring youth volunteer who founded Kids Caring 4 Kids.Kiki Vo suffered terrible burns and experienced bullying in school but has accomplished so much and forgiven so many.Kory Johnson was honored with the Goldman Environmental Prize in 1998.Kyoko Okutani helps women start businesses, skirting Japan's gender gap
Laura Bush works to promote early literacy and encourages families to read together.Laura Ingalls Wilder offered young readers a glimpse of American life in the 1800s.Laura Moulton brings books
to the homeless - by bike
Laura Nietzer inspires her students through the MY HERO Learning Circle.
Laurel Burch is an artist who has inspired other artists and women in need across the globeLe Ly Hayslip is a humanitarian, memoirist, and powerful peacemaker.Lene Vestergaard Hau is a Danish physicist at Harvard who was able to stop a beam of light.Leslie Thompson is a scientist devoted to finding a cure for Huntington's Disease.
Libby Riddles won the Iditarod dog sled race in 1985.Liliuokalani was a Hawaiian queen who cared for her people first.Lillie Hitchcock-Coit was a turn of the century firefighting hero.Lily Yeh finds beauty in broken places
Lita Albuquerque is an environmental artist who works on a large scale.Liz Squibb knows how to help foster children - she was one herself Louisa May Alcott was the beloved author of 'Little Women.'Lucky Chhetri runs the 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking company and Empowering Women of Nepal
Lucy Stone was a pioneer for womens rights.Luz Maria Rodriguez-Fernandez conducts cancer research to help understand the disease process.Lydia Maria Child wrote brilliantly to advocate for the abolition of slavery.Lynne Patterson brightens the futures of struggling women with Pro Mujer
Madam C.J. Walker used her business success to fight discrimination and open doors for others.Madame Curie received the Nobel Prize for her discovery of Radium.Madeleine L'Engle was the award-winning author of A Wrinkle in Time inspired young people with her books.Mae Jemison dreamed of going to space since childhood.
Magdalena Hurtado is an anthropologist who studies the Ache people of Paraguay.Malala Yousafzai speaks out for the rights of girls to have an education.Malika Sanders was born into the Civil Rights Movement and continues work today.Mama Hope uses humor to change the West's view of Africa
Margaret Hughes was one of the first professional stage actesses in England.Margot Fonteyn was a world-renowned dancer.Maria Josephine Barrios Filipina poet and activistMaria Montessori developed a new approach to education.
Mariama Khan writes poetry to champion the cause of the voiceless.Marian Anderson was a world-renowned opera singer.Marian Wright Edelman is one of the country's leading advocates for children. Marianne Williamson is the founder of the Department of Peace Campaign.
Marie Curie discovered radioactivity as an atomic property, opening the door to 20th century science.Mariel (Mia) Hamm has inspired the next generation of women athletes with her talent, her mentoring and her humanitarian work.Marjory Stoneman Douglas worked tirelessly to preserve the Everglades.Mary Baker Eddy was the founder of Christian Science.
Mary Church Terrell was an early African American civil rights leader and educator.Mary Edwards Walker was the first and only woman to receive the U.S. Congressional Medal of HonorMary Harris Jones worked to free men, women, and children from industrial slavery.Mary Lou Naso & Harry visit hospitals to spread smiles.
Mary Lyon established the U.S.'s first college for women.Mary Richards Bowser was a black spy in the Confederate White House of Jefferson Davis.Mary Spaulding inspires her fellow college friend with her determination.Maxine Waters is a Congresswoman who works fervently for her community.
Maya Angelou is a beloved female author and poet.Maya Lin is an architect and sculptor.Meenakshi Wadhwa studies meteorites and the processes involved in their formation.Melinda Gates is passionate about helping mothers and children in developing nations.
Mia Hamm has inspired the next generation of women athletes.Michelle Obama is commited to the health of children and veterans.Mildred "Babe" Didrikson excelled in every sport she played.Molly Melching, Tostan Founder empowers African communities to bring about positive social transformation based on respect for human rights.
Mother Teresa gained international prominence as a modern-day saint.Mrs. Mei Ng:
Friends of the Earth
(Hong Kong)
uses education to foster environmental awareness in China
Mrs. Nirmala
and the Eradication
of Malaria Project
are working in India to educate the public.
Mum Shirl established the Aboriginal Legal Service.
Nancy Caruso is a marine biologist who helped bring kelp forests back to the California coast.Nawal El Saadawi continued writing while in prison, her words could not be silenced.Nellie McClung believed in equal rights for all womenNickole Evans is using technology for peace.
Ntozake Shange is the inventor of the choreopoem.Olympe de Gouges was a French playwright, feminist and abolitionist.On International Women's Day: 12 innovations that are lifting women out of poverty Oprah Winfrey was honored by the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity .
Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy for Girls has opened up opportunities to South African girls.Oriana Fallaci was an important Italian journalist.Oseola McCarty donated her life savings so others could go to college.Pam Smith-Rodden helped turn a dream into a reality for an author and a community.
Pam Washek rallies a nonprofit Neighbor Brigade Peace Pilgrim
(Mildred Norman Ryder)
walked over 25,000 miles for peace.
Pedal = Sight tells how a bicycle can change a life.Phillis Wheatley was the first distinguished African-American poet.
Picabo Street is one of the greatest alpine skiers ever.Pleasant T. Rowland created the American Girls Collection.Princess Diana campaigned passionately for various causes.Queen Emma left a legacy of hospitals and schools for the people of Hawaii
Queen Noor passionately works for peace, human rights, and wildlife conservation.Queen Rania of Jordan is a crusader for the rights of women and children. Rachel Carson was the mother of the environmental movement.Raden Ajeng Kartini championed education and civil rights for women in Indonesia.
Raja Weksler helped her daughter survive in a concentration camp.RAWA promotes women's rights through non-violent action.Razia Jan founded Razia's Ray of Hope to improve the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan.Rigoberta Menchu Tum was the first Guatemalan to
receive the Nobel
Peace Prize.
Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras uses music to inspire children to learn.Robin Lim devotes her life to improving the birth experience so that all humans are born with an intact capacity to love.Robyn Van En worked to save organic farming businesses in North America.Rokhaya Gueye treats malaria and
raises awareness about women's health issues in Senegal.
Rosa Parks made history when she refused to sit in the back of the bus.Rosalynn Carter is a humanitarian and former First lady who inspires others through her good works.Rosario Iglesias was 80 years old when she became a runner and started to win medals.Rose Marie Thomas donated time and effort to combatting childhood catastrophic diseases.
Rosemarie L. Poeppelman is a foster mom and an adoptive parent who has changed the lives of many children.Rosemary MacAdam is a young activist determined to fight the oppression of women in sweatshops.Ruby Bridges bravely led the way to desegregation of schools as a child.Ruth DeGolia:
Mercado Global
works to help poor communities that have seen the collapse of prices for their locally grown crops.
Ruth Simmons is breaking down barriers in the world of higher education. Sabriye Tenberken helps to educate and better the lives of blind people living in Tibet.Sacajawea guided Lewis and Clark across the northwestern territories.Sally Fox produced a cotton that naturally comes in different colors.
Sally Kristen Ride was the first American woman to go into space.Sally Ride, first US woman in space, dies at 61 was the first American woman to go into space.Sandra Begay-Campbell is a Native American engineer who brings solar-powered energy to the Navajo reservation.Sandra Kay Yow is a groundbreaking women's basketball coach and founder of Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund.
Sandra Postel believes in the importance of water conservation.Sandra Schmirler was Saskatchewan's beloved curling champion.SAUR MARLINA MANURUNG provides educational opportunities in a remote Indonesian village.September McGee is an artist and a teacher.
Serena Williams is record-breaking professional tennis player.Shannon Hackett studies the genetic diversity and evolution in tropical birds.Shirin Ebadi is a human rights activist who works to promote peace. Sindhu Ravishankar created the Vivid Vision Project to provide accessible eye care to impoverished communities in India.
Soedati Warsito Rasman is a motivated activist for Indonesia's needy.Sojourner Truth born into slavery, worked for the freedom of all.Solar Sister Wants to Light Up Rural Africa Somaly Mam has dedicated her life to finding and mentoring children who have suffered from human trafficking.
Sonia Sotomayor is the first Hispanic US Supreme Court Justice.Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz couldn't live
without learning.
Stephanie Jenouvrier is a population ecologist researching the effects of climate change on emperor penguins.Susan B. Anthony led the early Women's Suffrage Movement.
Susie King Taylor was a pioneer in the struggle for African American women's rights.Suzanne Mubarak works to ensure education for the children of Egypt and the world.Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist and ambassador of the oceans.Tania Ruiz is an astrophysicist committed to science education and helping women reach their goals.
Temple Grandin is a professor, doctor of animal science and an autism activist.Tendol Gyalzur provides a home and family for Tibetan and Chinese orphans.Thais Corral gives women a voice in their communities through access to communication technology.The Malala Effect:
5 snapshots of girls'
education in the Muslim world
Thistle Farms cultivates a better alternative to life on the streets Tiffany Shlain is Director and Founder of the Webby Awards.Titiek Puspa has inspired women with her music and compassionate lyrics throughout Indonesia.Usha Varanasi is the first woman to lead a Fisheries Science Center.
Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman and first civilian to fly in space.Velma Bronn Johnston worked to save the wild mustangs in the United StatesVenus Williams won the 2000 US Open tennis tournament.Verneta Wallace is saving the world one child at a time.
Veronica Tennant, the Prima Ballerina is an accomplished Canadian dance film producer and director.Vicky Colbert de Arboleda is a leader in the movement to transform education in Colombia to provide equal access to all children.Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for President of the U.S.Viola Vaughn founded an organization that supports girls working to achieve academic success in Africa.
Visaka Dharmadasa works to ease the horrors of war in Sri Lanka.Wang Yani has been painting since
she was three
years old.
Waris Dirie works to protect the rights of women.Willa Cather was Pulitzer Prize-winning author and a pioneer in the women's rights movement.
Wilma Rudolph was the first American woman to win 3 Olympic gold medals.Winnifred Mason Huck helped to transform the life experience of American women in just three generations.Winnifred Mason Huck was the third US Representative and an investigative journalist.Women entrepreneurs in Ghana help
ignite an economy boom
Women Heroes
Of the Early West
were strong, valiant women who broke social constraints.
Women Making Slow But Sure Strides
In Science and Math
Womens Peace Movement of Liberia stopped the violence in through peaceful means.Yuri Mason shared her love of life and peace through the power of her paintings.
Zaha Hadid is the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize.Zoe Koplowitz's Story shows us that 'anyone can complete their own 'life marathon.''Zohra Ben Lakhdar is a physicist from Africa who does research on atomic spectroscopy.