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Animal Heroes

1925 Serum Run Participants
ran an astonishing race to save lives

led his dog team on the lifesaving 1925 serum run to Rome, Alaska

Barry der Menschenretter
was the most famous St. Bernard rescue dog of all time.

was presented the 30th National Hero Dog Award.

Bejo Who Saved Us
was a bird who spoke up at the right time.

Big Ben
raced his way into the hearts and memories of fans.

Binti Jua
rescued a small boy at a Chicago zoo.

save lives by sniffing out landmines.

was a brave and loving dog and is deeply missed.

provide therapeutic interactions with people.

inspires his family with his hard work and patience.

is a brilliant service dog and friend to his owner, Allen.

integrates academic, social and physical skills, using the horse as a catalyst.

Friends of the Sea Lion
rescue, treat, and release these mammals back into the ocean.

had a wonderful instinct for finding cats in need and rescuing them.

has saved Faith's life many times.

is an extraordinary therapy dog.

Hero, a Dog
affords Gareth Jones companionship and freedom.

shows people that animals have feelings, wants and needs.

Magic the Therapy Horse
brings a special love to all who know her.

Mary Lou Naso & Harry
visit hospitals to spread smiles.

Max Seefried
brought comfort and joy to Joey and his family.

Molly the Pony
overcomes her disabilities and is an inspiration to others.

Operation Kindness
is Texas's oldest and largest no-kill animal shelter

is a loving and peaceful hippo.

Patsy Ann
was the official greeter of Juneau, Alaska.

mission in life is to be a Peacemaker.

Puppies Behind Bars
benefits both inmates and dogs.

is a family hero.

participated in rescue missions in Alaska for years

sight saved his disabled owner from a potential disaster.

The Buffalo
has a special place in North American history and culture.

The Heifer Organization
works with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.

The Humane Society
steps in to protect and care for abused animals.

warned Leigh of a hidden fire.

is a dolphin who learned to swim with a prosthetic tale.


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