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These essays have been written by vistors of all ages. If you have a hero story you would like to share with the world, visit the MY HERO Create Program.
Community Heroes

Abbe Pierre
devoted his life to helping the poor and homeless in France.

is a talented artist with an ambitious career planned, despite his physical disability.

Adams Sie
is a film director from Senegal who focuses on his Community.

Alex Hill
helped to bring medical supplies to a Ugandan village.

Alice Baum
and her husband Don Burnes left behind their careers to help the homeless.

Andrew E. Lieberman
works to preserve indigenous languages and cultures.

Angela Brooks
is an architect who works to create sustainable and affordable housing.

Anthony Dale Leanna
donates 'Heavenly Hats' to cancer patients under treatment.

Antonio Roman-Alcala and Alemany Farm
is a gardening activist seeking a sustainable food system.

Art Miles Mural Project
uses art to create a more peaceful global community.

Aurelia Chillemi
founded Bailarines toda la VIDA.

Azie Morton
valued education and gave back to her community.

brings Shakespeare to life for South LA students.

Barbara Stuart Rabinowitsch
was a member of the Laguna Beach Greenbelt and of Ballet Pacifica.

Beau Doherty
is the president of Special Olympics Connecticut and the creator of the Unified Sports Program.

Becky Matkov
works to preserve Miami's indigenous history.

Brandon Keefe
provides books to
libraries in his

Brian Cox
is the recreation director at South Central Park in Los Angeles who has given hope to the children and neighborhood.

Bruno Serato
is a chef who feeds 300 children at his restaurant every night, 7 nights a week.

Budi and Peggy Soehardi
Roslin Orphanage

provides a loving home to care for displaced and orphaned children in East Timor.

Bunker Roy
has dedicated his life to improving the lives of the rural poor in India.

Cameron Sinclair
is the founder of Architecture for Humanity, which brings services to communities in need.

Canal Futura
is a Brazilian television channel which provides access to education.

Carolyn LeCroy
is the founder of the Messages Project which helps children of incarcerated parents.

Chelsey Barrios
and her peers collected thousands of books to give to Read to Grow.

Cheri Gaulke
has empowered teens to use media to speak out about injustices across the globe.

Chi Nguyen
was honored for helping street children in Vietnam.

Chief Wilma Mankiller
was the first woman to serve as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Child's Play
Touring Theater

performs worldwide works written by kids.

Christian Bryan Alexander Harvey
visits schools to talk about social justice and how to stop bullying.

Clotilde Dedecker
provides educational opportunities for girls in Afghanistan.

Colin Powell
is an honored statesman and military leader who continues to serve.

was a French humorist who created an organization to feed the poor.

Connie Siskowski
follows her true passion to care for the youngest of the caregivers.

Corinne Almquist
volunteers to restore the tradition of gleaning.

Craig Kielburger
is a social entrepreneur and activist for children who co-founded Free The Children, WE Villages, WE Schools, WE Day and ME to WE.

Cynthia Costas Cohen
goes to the front lines of disasters to help with post-traumatic stress.

Dana Reeve
was an actress and advocate for the disabled. She was the heroic wife of Christopher Reeve.

Darius Weems
is a full-time ambassador for Dechenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Dave Congdon
is a Special Olympics athlete and an inspiration to many facing barriers and difficult times.

Dave Eggers
is a writer and philanthropist who reaches out to assist students.

Dennis Chavez
was the longest serving Hispanic U.S. Senator.

Detective Luis Rosa
volunteers to make the lives of people with disabilities better.

Diane Challis Davy
directs the Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters.

Divine Bradley:Team Revolution
encourages kids to become involved in their communities and become leaders.

Dr. Chintamani Yogi
believes that the children of the world are the only hope of this modern world.

Dr. Dave Jenkins
founded SurfAid to help the inhabitants of the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia.

Dr. Ella Mae Piper
helped young people and the elderly in her community of Fort Myers.

Dr. Felton Earls
treats communities through his work.

Dr. Fred Barnett
is a wise and compassionate pediatrician known for his caring ways.

Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy
cares for the eyes of millions of people in India.

Dr. Madan Kataria
has started a revolution of joy and laughter that is spreading around the world.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo - Psychologist
has created the Heroic Imagination Project to foster the belief that we are all heroes in waiting.

Dr. Shuddh Sacchidananda Rauniyar
lives his life to see that all children of this world to have chance to eat food

Dr. Swami Prappannacharya
says life is full of struggle, but we should never give up

Durga Devi Ghimire
works to benefit the society of Nepal, especially women and children, through her organization Future Nepal.

Ed Grant
is passionate about helping others better their lives.

Efren Penaflorida
helped create Dynamic Teen Company

Elizabeth Daley
has created an outstanding multi media educational program that serves as a model for the world.

Ellen Lee DeGeneres
is a comedienne and advocate for disadvantaged children, animals, and cancer survivors.

Emily Pozo
created ICE to assist and educate residents of the Galapagos Islands

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah
rode a bike across Ghana to challenge the stigma of being disabled.

Engineers Without Borders
are working to change the world.

integrates academic, social and physical skills, using the horse as a catalyst.

Eric Samuel
established Community Food Enterprise to reduce food poverty in East London.

Erica Fernandez
gave a voice to the voiceless and saved her neighborhood.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver
dedicated her life to raising awareness and creating opportunities for the intellectually disabled.

Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert
made tremendous advancements in food safety in the American Southwest.

Fambul Tok
is a community reconciliation program that means 'Family Talk'.

FilmAid International
educates, informs and to brings hope and joy to thousands of refugees.

Frances Moore Lappe
is a passionate and pioneering thinker, world changer, and activist in many movements.

Frank Shankwitz
established the Make A Wish Foundation for terminally ill children.

Fred Batley
gives young and aspiring actors and actresses a chance to shine.

Funkor Child Art Center
works with many national and international organizations around the world to provide children with art and books.

Geoffrey Canada
is an educator, social activist and president of the Harlem Childrens Zone in New York.

Girls for Gender Equity, Inc.
encourages girls to live self-determined and healthy lives and to contribute to their community.

Global Kids Leaders
to help their
schools and

Global Youth Service Day
increases awareness of the contributions of youth.

Grace Lee Boggs
has advocated for marginalized people for over 70 years

Greg Mortenson
persevered to build a school in a remote village in Pakistan.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Cleanup Team
work hard to return the Gulf to a healthy state.

Hands Up Don't Shoot Team
created by 2 young filmmakers, with support and mentorship from their high school, Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet.

Hany El-Miniawy
is an Egyptian architect who uses architecture to help alleviate poverty.

Harvey Milk
was the first openly gay politician and worked to gain equal rights for the LGBT community.

Hazviperi Betty Makoni
founded the Girl Child Network to transform lives.

Martina's Aunt Heather leaves everything to help others.

Hector Daniel Alonso
opens a remote area of Argentina to encourage appreciation for its unique waterways.

Hector Morales
teaches students to be self-sufficient environmentalists.

Herb Alpert
is a musician and artist who inspires young people to reach their potential.

Holly Carter
gives kids and others the tools to tell their stories.

Hortense Miller
created a botanical garden on her hillside property and bequeathed it to her town of Laguna Beach.

D'nA eBus Project

bring tools of expression to juvenille hall.

Internet.org Everyone of us. Everywhere. Connected.
launched to provide internet access to the two thirds of people around the world who are not connected

J.A. and Geraldine Reynolds
Founded 'Bruce's Garden' in NYC which honors Bruce, a victim of 9/11.

Jack Sim
has started a worldwide campaign for clean public toilets and better sanitation standards.

Jacob & Isaac Seigel-Boettner
film stories of how bicycles can change lives for the better.

Jacob Komar and
Computers for Communities

refurbishes computers and helps inner city residents obtain IT skills.

Jacqueline Edelberg
believes every child deserves a great neighborhood public school

Janet Miller
is a teacher who stepped up to prevent bullying of LGBT students.

Jean Vanier
has founded loving communities for the developmentally disabled and those who assist them.

Jennifer Staple:
Unite for Sight

works to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness worldwide.

Jessie Christopherson
helps the physically and mentally challenged accomplish things they never thought possible.

Jim Dilley
was the founder of the Laguna Beach Greenbelt.

Jimmy Woodard
helps community groups with his knowledge of media and technology

Joe Brown
gave up
his ocean front
home and created
a park for everyone.

Johann Olav Koss
is a Norwegian Olympian who founded Right to Play

John Tighe
inspired his neighbor with his big heart and the way he cared for people in their community.

John Wood
founded Room to Read, which works to increase literacy and educational gender equality in developing countries.

Jon Rose
founded Waves for Water, which works on the front-line to provide clean water.

Jordan Coleman
is a young filmmaker and education activist who made the film, Say It Loud

Jorge Muñoz
prepares and delivers meals to the hungry in Queens, New York.

Josee Sutton
helps girls learn to read and is a caring role model to those in her girl scout troup.

Joseph Marcel Shook Jr.
is a compassionate community leader and a hero to his son, Joseph.

Josh Vander Vies
is a determined and amazing athlete.

Josue and Chrismedonne Lajeunesse
work together to provide access to clean water for their village of La Source, Haiti.

Joze Pleenik
was an architect from Slovenia who made his community beautiful.

Julie Garner
founded Project Yellow Light to help save lives.

Julie Horrigan
founded Champ to help those with disabilities.

Julio Valdez
is a Tango instructor by night and charity worker by day.

K.P. Yohannan
founded Gospel for Asia which has brought aid and hope to the poor for 30 years.

Karen Tse
is an attorney dedicated to ensuring basic legal rights for Asian citizens.

Kathryn Cunningham
founded the nonprofit 'Power Up Gambia' to provide solar energy to the hospitals and clinics.

Kathy Eldon
inspired by her son, works for peace and tolerance.

Katie Davis
is a young missionary in Uganda who adopted 13 daughters.

Katie Simon
founded Minga to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of young children.

Kendall Ciesemier
is an inspiring youth volunteer who founded Kids Caring 4 Kids.

Kennedy Odede
grew his childhood dream of creating outreach centers for poor children like him.

Kimmie Weeks
survived the war in Liberia and now works to rebuild communities in war-torn countries.

King David Kalakaua
wrote the state song of Hawaii and brought back the hula.

Kjerstin Erickson
and Forge

help refugees in Africa achieve economic self-sufficiency and empowerment through education.

Latino Environmental Activists
are shaping an urban agenda with smog, foul water among priorities.

Lecrae Moore
is a hip hop artist who teaches teens to be responsible.

Leonard Abess
is known for his generosity to others and commitment to caring for the environment.

Lisa Markham
is a passionate and committed volunteer to the Special Olympics.

Lisa Nigro
works to help the homeless in Chicago through the Inspiration Cafe.

Louis Gossett, Jr.
encourages all races to appreciate each other.

offers technology and creative learning to disadvantaged Colombian youth.

Luis Soriano Bohorquez
started the Biblioburro Library in the mountains of Colombia.

Lula Mae Walker
has been a foster parent to 300 kids.

Lyndon Harris: People Making a Difference
founded The Gardens of Forgiveness Project.

MacGillivray Family
founded the non-profit MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation

Madeleine Wilkie
traded schools with another student from Tanzania through Trading Places.

Madeline Shields
is a hardworking teen who embodies the best of family and community values.

Major Moogy Sumner
is an aboriginal Ngarrindjeri elder who understands the importance of preserving and passing on his culture.

Malaria Campaign 2009
Students join together to eradicate malaria.

MALDEF (Mexican American Legal
Defense and Education Fund)

organization that defends the legal or civil rights of Mexican Americans and Latinos

Malika Sanders
was born into the Civil Rights Movement and continues work today.

Mary Lou Naso & Harry
visit hospitals to spread smiles.

Matthew Cohen
raised $5000 for the Solar Oven Project for the people of Haiti.

Maura Welch
was recognized by NetAid for her work to spread awareness about child labor.

Maxine Waters
is a Congresswoman who works fervently for her community.

Millard and Linda Fuller
founded Habitat for Humanity.

Mister Rogers
television host, teacher and kindly neighbor to generations of children.

MIT Open Courseware Project
makes education accessible worldwide by offering free MIT courseware online.

Molly's Film
The Story of a Young Filmmaker

is the winner of the 8th Annual MY HERO Film Festival.

Mory Sanberg
makes bag lunches for the homeless people in her city.

Mrs. Aangur Baba Joshi
believes that a positive attitude is our real wealth

Mrs. Nirmala and the Eradication
of Malaria Project

are working in India to educate the public.

Nick Vujicic
went from a life without limbs to a life without limits.

Nicole Dewing and
Curtis McCormack

joined the Peace Corps and started a waste recycling project in Joal, Senegal.

strives to provide technology to students in Uganda.

Our Hero
Barack Obama

instills inner city youth with confidence to get involved and make a difference.

Pam Smith-Rodden
helped turn a dream into a reality for an author and a community.

Park Won-Soon
advocates a stronger Democracy for South Korea.

Paul J. Adams III
is a passionate educator who built a nationally renowned prep school for African American students.

Pedal = Sight
tells how a bicycle can change a life.

Pete Carroll
is a successful coach who founded A Better LA to help gang members live a better life and plug into their communities.

Phil Heuzenroeder
Wild At Heart provides opportunities for people who experience disability, mental illness or other disadvantage to learn how to find their own “voice” through music and art.

Police Chief Richard Lamunyon
founded the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run Program.

Queen Noor
passionately works for peace, human rights, and wildlife conservation.

Queen Rania of Jordan
is a crusader for the rights of women and children.

Ralf Hotchkiss
is an engineer, inventor and humanitarian, and the founder of Whirlwind Wheelchair International.

Ralph Walter Perdue
helped found the Fairbanks Native Association, advocating for local natives.

Ravi Gulati
has created learning centers for children with special needs in India.

Rhonda Alvarez Licona
is the founder of Dream Catchers.

Richard Avery
is a beloved Scoutsmaster who has volunteered at home and overseas.

Richard Proudfit
founded Kids Against Hunger to feed starving children around the world.

Rick Hansen
broke boundaries and records as a disabled athlete.

Riki Bassry
founded a desperately needed animal shelter in Israel

Roberto Saviano
wrote a best selling book denouncing organized crime.

Robin Emmons
is an organic farmer who has created a foundation to fight hunger.

Robin Lim
devotes her life to improving the birth experience so that all humans are born with an intact capacity to love.

Rose Marie Thomas
donated time and effort to combatting childhood catastrophic diseases.

Roxanne J. Coady
has a love of books that has enhanced the community and brought literature into the lives of thousands of families.

Ruth DeGolia:
Mercado Global

works to help poor communities that have seen the collapse of prices for their locally grown crops.

Saeed Awan
developed a new carpet loom that reduces child labor in Pakistan.

Samuel Mockbee
is an architect and teacher who builds homes for the poor.

Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy
encourages villagers to have the confidence to succeed.

Sarah Ramirez
shows what one person can do to help the community.

Share Our Strength
works to end child hunger in America

Shirley Blair
helps bring education to Tibetan children from Nepal.

Sindhu Ravishankar
created the Vivid Vision Project to provide accessible eye care to impoverished communities in India.

Sister Margaret Scheetz
founded Beatitude House for homeless women and children.

Skip Blumberg
successfully campaigned against City Hall to re-open a section of historic City Hall Park in NYC.

Skye Malik
founded the Paco Project to empower those with dyslexia.

Soedati Warsito Rasman
is a motivated activist for Indonesia's needy.

Spencer West
is a motivational speaker who overcame amputation from a genetic disorder and still inspires others.

Studs Terkel
The author who captured the stories of everyday people celebrates his 95th birthday.

Tara and Dennis Lawrence
founded Hats Off for Cancer

Tendol Gyalzur
provides a home and family for Tibetan and Chinese orphans.

Teri Gabrielsen
founded Africa Schools of Kenya.

Thais Corral
gives women a voice in their communities through access to communication technology.

The Community College Foundation eBus
brings technology to underserved communities and schools.

The Daffodil Project
through the generosity of B&K Bulbs in the Netherlands, brought hope to NYC after 9/11.

The Heifer Organization
works with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth.

The Righteous Conversations Project
is about bringing Holocaust survivors and teens together

The Train Guy
- Eric Clemons reflects on how an anonymous hero helped shape his life.

The VH1 Save the Music Foundation
is a hero to Libby for its dedication to keep music education in the public schools.

Thulani Madondo
reaches out to the youth of Kliptown, South Africa.

Tori Degen
is a cancer survivor who inspires others with her story.

Two worlds, one classroom
School that Reaches Out to children and families from the nearby slum in India.

Tyler Russell
began a community radio station and goes out of his way to find, promote, and interview indie artists that don't get commercial recognition

Van Jones
has found an effective way of addressing environmentalism and social justice by linking both issues.

Vicky Colbert de Arboleda
works to provide equal access to all children in Colombia.

Vikas Khanna
is a chef, restaurant owner, and humanitarian who uses food to bring together a global community.

Visaka Dharmadasa
works to ease the horrors of war in Sri Lanka.

William Kamkwamba
designed and built a windmill, at the age of 14, for his family in Malawi, Africa.

is a chorus of senior citizens that sings classic rock and pop songs.

Zack's Place
provides enrichment programs to special needs pre and post graduates.

Zainab Rezai
leads her community towards progress.


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