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These essays have been written by vistors of all ages. If you have a hero story you would like to share with the world, visit the MY HERO Create Program.
Earthkeeper Heroes

Aaron Chang
inspires others through his photos of the beauty and majesty of the ocean.

Adarsha Shivakumar and Apoorva Rangan
Project Jatropha

started the nonprofit Project Jatropha which is an alternative to fossil fuel.

Aitan Grossman
wrote an environmental song called 100 Generations that has been sung and recorded by students around the world.

Alan Rabinowitz
started the first ever jaguar preserve.

Alberto Yanosky
works to save forests by assisting Paraguay's government.

Alexandra Cousteau
was honored as an Earth Trustee by the UN in 2007 for her work to protect the oceans.

Ansel Adams
was an 'artist-activist' whose photographs of nature inspired conservation.

Antonio Roman-Alcala and Alemany Farm
is a gardening activist seeking a sustainable food system.

Australian Aborigines
Protecting Wetlands

by working to conserve the environment around them.

Barbara Stuart Rabinowitsch
was a member of the Laguna Beach Greenbelt and of Ballet Pacifica.

Barry Commoner
works to protect the environment and raise awareness about the danger of radio activity.

Ben Redclay
was an earthkeeper whose legacy lives on through his daughter.

Benjamin Kahn
involves school children in regrowing coral to help save damaged reefs in the Red Sea.

Beth Rickard

is an advocate of solar as the energy of the future.

Bill Roley
taught children in a Mexican orphanage how to work the land.

at Humboldt State University.

Caroline Cannon
is an Inupiat indigenous leader who is a champion for biodiversity in the Arctic Sea.

Cesar Chavez
fought against the use of pesticides for the protection of migrant farm workers.

Chico Mendes
was a father who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defending rainforests.

Chief Oren Lyons
is an internationally venerated advocate for preserving biodiversity.

David Nathan Chain
was killed during a nonviolent protest to save the redwoods.

David T. Suzuki
has been teaching the public about the science of environmentalism for many years.

Deland Chan
started an environmental group at the YMCA in New York City.

Denis Hayes
founded the Earth Day Network and is a leader in environmental and energy policy.

Dennis Weaver
was an actor and advocate for animals and ecologically sustainable living.

Dian Fossey
worked to protect the endangered Mountain Gorilla.

Donald Knaack
is a musician whose unique productions inspire people of all ages to explore, create and give back to others.

Dr. E.O. Wilson
studies the impact that human activity has on the planet.

Dr. Elvia Niebla
Soil Scientist

is dedicated to soil conservation.

Dr. John Todd: A Sewer Becomes
a Water Park

with floating botanical gardens that are helping restore ecological health.

Dr. Liang Congjie and Friends of Nature:
was a voice for China's environment.

Dr. Richard Murphy
Marine Biologist

educates others about the sea and ways to protect the oceans for the future.

Dr. Robert Ballard
and the JASON project

bring scientific exploration to children around the world.

Dr. Shirley McGreal
founded the International Primate Protection League.

Dr. Vandana Shiva
works to preserve biodiversity for the planet.

Emily Hunter
is an environmental activist, eco-journalist and filmmaker.

Emily Pozo
created ICE to assist and educate residents of the Galapagos Islands

retrofits engines to reduce pollution and enhance energy efficiency in developing countries.

Erica Fernandez
gave a voice to the voiceless and saved her neighborhood.

Favio Chavez
brings joy and hope to children through music.

Fin Donnelly
works to keep our rivers and waters clean.

Frances Moore Lappe
works to eliminate the injustices that cause hunger.

Friends of the Sea Lion
rescue, treat, and release these mammals back into the ocean.

George Schaller
is a world-renowned naturalist.

Gerald Durrell
established the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust for endangered species.

works globally to save the environment.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Cleanup Team
work hard to return the Gulf to a healthy state.

Hayrettin Karaca
is known as Grandfather Earth for making our planet brighter, greener and better for future generations.

Heather DeWitt
is a devoted conservationist.

Help Mary Save Coral
works to repopulate the world's coral.

Heroes on Horseback: Mapuche Women Protect the Nature of Patagonia
are fighting for their land and their people

J.N. (Ding) Darling
was a conservationist and cartoonist who used his art to raise awareness about the environment.

Jack Johnson
is a musician who encourages kids to take care of the environment.

Jack Rudloe
works to conserve the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico.

Jack Sim
has started a worldwide campaign for clean public toilets and better sanitation standards.

Jacques Cousteau
invented the Aqua-Lung, a predecessor to the SCUBA systems used by divers worldwide today.

Jaime Lynn Butler
is the story of a young Navaho artist environmentalist.

James Dilley
worked to protect open space in Laguna Canyon.

Jane Goodall
is an authority on wild chimpanzees.

Jane Goodall
is an authority on wild chimpanzees.

Jean-Michel Cousteau
is committed to protecting the ocean for future generations through education and conservation.

Jim and Jamie Dutcher
are wolf conservationists.

Jim Dilley
was the founder of the Laguna Beach Greenbelt.

Jody Williams
is a human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner who began a campaign to rid the world of landmines.

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)
is a much loved American hero and legend.

John Denver
was an American songwriter/singer and activist for the environment.

John McConnell
founded Earth Day (March 20) and continues his fight for environmental education and awareness.

John Muir
advocated preservation, feeling that natural areas promote mental health.

Joseph Ki-Zerbo
works to help Africans retain control of their country's agriculture.

Julia Hill
brought public attention to deforestation in California.

Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco National Park
is the only park in the Americas established and run by indigenous peoples.

Kory Johnson
was honored with the Goldman Environmental Prize in 1998.

L.E.A.F. Rocks
empowers youth to use the art of film, music and technology to become environmental leaders.

Latino Environmental Activists
are shaping an urban agenda with smog, foul water among priorities.

Laurie David
is passionately committed to stopping global warming.

Lawrence Anthony
was known as the Elephant Whisperer

Leanne Sarco
recruited Facebook friends to save Gulf Coast's hermit crabs

Lynn Herring
is one farmer who acts to save environment from factory farms.

MacGillivray Family
founded the non-profit MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation

Mali Bickley
is proud of her students who won Best Film (Rainforest Fable), Elementary category, of the 8th Annual MY HERO Film Festival.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas
worked tirelessly to preserve the Everglades.

Mia Siscawati
teaches people to protect their environment.

Michael Reynolds, Garbage Warrior
combines biology and architecture to build sustainable housing.

Mika Vanhanen
is the founder and director of Environment Online, a global virtual school for sustainable development.

Mike Browne
started Get the Lead Out of Fishing

Mrs. Mei Ng:
Friends of the Earth
(Hong Kong)

uses education to foster environmental awareness in China

My Trip to Catalina Island
Slater, a young environmental and peace activist, meets her hero, Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Nancy Caruso
is a marine biologist who helped bring kelp forests back to the California coast.

Nicole Dewing and
Curtis McCormack

joined the Peace Corps and started a waste recycling project in Joal, Senegal.

Ocean Robbins
helps organize young people committed to protecting the planet.

Olivia Bouler
Olivia created 500 paintings of her feathered friends to raise funds for Audubon's bird rescue.

Philippe Cousteau
continues the work of his father, Jacques Cousteau, through Earth Echo International

works to protect ocean resources in Costa Rica.

Prigi Arisandi
works to educate people on the importance of protecting the rivers of Indonesia

Rachel Carson
was the mother of the environmental movement.

Ramani Sankaranarayanan
and Geeta Vaidyanathan

founded CTxGrEn to show villagers how to turn native materials into fuel for electricity.

Randall Arauz
founded the Association for the Restoration of Sea Turtles (PRETOMA).

Reef Ball Foundation
restores damaged coral reef systems around the world.

Ric O'Barry
works to free captive dolphins around the world.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is an eco-warrior defending the earth for future generations.

Robert Redford
established the Sundance Film Festival to effect change in the world.

Robin Emmons
is an organic farmer who has created a foundation to fight hunger.

Rod MacVicar
teaches kids how to take care of our oceans and streams.

Rory Stear and Kristine Pearson
developed and distribute wind-up and solar powered radios to poor communities around the world.

Rowena Gerber
and her students raise money to send Solar Ovens around the world.

Roxanne Kremer
works with the Mestizo Indians of the Peruvian rainforest to save pink dolphins.

Roz Savage
challenges people to live in a more environmentally conscious way.

Ryan Hreljac
helps build wells for clean water in Africa.

Saint Francis of Assisi
was a true example of harmonious existence on Earth.

Sandra Postel
believes in the importance of water conservation.

Severn Cullis-Suzuki
an environmental activist, speaker, television host.

Sir Peter Blake
was a sailor, environmentalist and mentor of young people.

Stanislav Petrov
averted nuclear disaster, yet remains unknown to most.

cleans roads in Indonesia to help the environment.

Surfrider Foundation
is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world's oceans, waves and beaches.

Suryo Wardhoyo Prawiroatmodjo
educated people in Indonesia to protect the environment.

Sylvia Earle
is a marine biologist and ambassador of the oceans.

Terram Foundation
brings job growth, community involvement, and local solutions to larger environmental concerns.

Theodore Roosevelt
was a pioneer in protecting the environment.

Tuy Sereivathana
is a Cambodian environmentalist who solves conflicts between elephants and people.

Velma Bronn Johnston
worked to save the wild mustangs in the United States

Wangari Maathai
founded the Green Belt Movement that plants trees to help restore the desolate ecosystem in Africa.

Wes Jackson
was a professor who returned to the land to advance sustainable agriculture practices.

William McDonough
designs buildings for ecological sustainability.

is a youth-
run organization
promoting environmental awareness through technology.

Zander Srodes
and Turtle Talks

has educated over 5,000 students on sea turtles and marine conservation.


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