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These essays have been written by vistors of all ages. If you have a hero story you would like to share with the world, visit the MY HERO Create Program.

Alicia Cortez
is a Colombian ophthamologist who created the charity 'Giving Hope to See.'

Andrea Coleman
has used her passion for motorcycling to transform healthcare delivery in rural parts of Africa.

Ben Carson
is the chief of neurosurgery
at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Bernard Fantus
created the world's first blood bank.
by Rebecca Miller

Bernard Kouchner
is the co-founder of Doctors without Borders.

Bill Wilson
changed countless lives and livelihoods by founding Alcoholics Anonymous.

Caitlyn Jenner
enlightens others about the difficulty of being transgender.

Carrie Fisher
is a famous actress who was open about her mental illness, in the hope of helping others.

Catherine Malonza
saved her brother's life.

Cesar Chavez
fought against the use of pesticides for the protection of migrant farm workers.

Claire Lalanne
founded the Center for Nutritional Recovery.

Clara Barton
taught others how to save more lives of the patients in hospitals.

David D. Ho
discovered a successful way to treat people with AIDS.

Doctor Steven Kopits
was a compassionate physician who lives on in the hearts of his patients.

Dr. David Applebaum
was a selfless emergency room doctor in Jerusalem

Dr. Hawa Abdi
is a Somali doctor, human rights activist and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr. J. Larry Brown
directs the national Center on Hunger and Poverty.

Dr. Larry Thomas
is the founder of the Tropical Health Alliance Foundation.

Dr. Mark Jacobson
works with AIDS patients in Tanzania.

Dr. Michael DeBakey
is the father of modern open-heart surgery.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris
is a champion for children who bear the invisible scars of tough childhoods...

Dr. Paul Brand
was a compassionate surgeon who pioneered work in leprosy.

Dr. Paul Farmer
has dedicated his life to treating people in the poorest nations in the world.

Dr. Van Halbach
is a hero to the Ghenender family for saving Ingrid's life.

Dr. Zeda Rosenberg
is working to protect women from HIV/AIDS.

Evelyn H. Lauder
founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert
made tremendous advancements in food safety in the American Southwest.

Florence Ngobeni
is an HIV/AIDS educator and Ambassador for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Florence Nightingale
revolutionized nursing.

Fred Hollows
saved the eysight of thousands of Aboriginal and poor people.

Hazviperi Betty Makoni
founded the Girl Child Network to transform lives.

Helene Gayle
is one of the leading authorities on AIDS research.
by Geeta Malik

Howard Florey
shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine for extracting penicillin.

Jane Akre & Steve Wilson
won the 2001 Goldman Environmental Prize for their courageous journalism.

Jean Henry Dunant
helped save the life of Jessica's mother through the Red Cross Organization.

Jennifer Smith
is an author, mentor and advocate for understanding those who have dyslexia.

Jennifer Staple:
Unite for Sight

works to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness worldwide.

Jesse William Lazear
confirmed Carlos Finlay hypothesis that mosquitos transmitted yellow fever.

John Flynn
dedicated his life to improving life for people living in the Australian Outback.

Jon Rose
is a surfer dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to the world.

Judith Blair
donated one of her kidneys to a man in desperate need.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
is a hero to Rachel who was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.

Lisa Nigro
works to help the homeless in Chicago through the Inspiration Cafe.

Malaria Campaign 2009
Students join together to eradicate malaria.

Marlo Thomas
Marlo Thomas is a champion for children at St. Jude and around the world.

Mary N. Sanchez
is a nurse manager and renowned advocate for veterans care and service.

Medecins Sans Frontieres
won the Nobel Peace Prize for working under fire to save lives.

Medical Missions for Children
uses cutting-edge medical broadcasting technologies to bring medical care to underserved communities.

Melinda Gates
is passionate about helping mothers and children in developing nations.

Michael J. Fox
works to find a cure for Parkinsons Disease.

Michelle Obama
is commited to the health of children and veterans.

Mike Kelly
risked his career as a surgeon to save Bob's life.

harnesses the power of music to change youth attitudes about mental health.

Oumoul Khary Sow
founded the Caravan of Hope which travels to remote areas in Senegal to help prevent malaria.

Pat Pedraja
and Driving for Donors

is helping young and old cancer patients receive the life saving bone marrow treatments.

Peter C. Alderman Foundation
helps heal the emotional wounds of victims of terrorism around the world.

Phil Heuzenroeder
Wild At Heart provides opportunities for people who experience disability, mental illness or other disadvantage to learn how to find their own “voice” through music and art.

Robert E. Kimura, M.D.
is a hero to his niece in and out of the operating room.

Rosalind Picard
is internationally known as a leader in envisioning and creating innovative technology

Sabriye Tenberken
helps to educate and better the lives of blind people living in Tibet.

Sanoussi Diakite
invented the fonio husking machine.

a young doctor in Burma keeps his promise to his village.

Scoliosis Caring Association of R.O.C in Taiwan
educates and assists those with scoliosis.

Temple Grandin
shares her scientific understanding and personal experience of autism to help others.

To Write Love On Her Arms
was founded to help people suffering from depression and substance abuse.

Tommie Hamaluba
is a teacher in Botswana, Africa, working to eradicate malaria.

Trisomy 18 Foundation
raises awareness and supports research for cures for this genetic disorder.

Viktor Frankl
established a psychological understanding of the human search for meaning.

Vivien Thomas
pioneered a form of heart surgery for babies and taught a generation of surgeons.


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