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MY HERO will not publish anything that promotes hatred, violence or prejudice. As a child-friendly website, we are dedicated to cultivating peace, tolerance and diversity.
The Create Program enables visitors to design Web pages with text, images, and links to honor their heroes.
Did you know? Last year, over 5,400 story submission were activated and over 150 t-shirt prizes were awarded to authors whose essays were featured on the website!
Add your original artwork that portray heroes, heroism, or heroic deeds in a variety of media.
Did you know? Our curator reviews and activates submissions and keeps the Gallery homepage current by creating theme-appropriate art collections to feature online.
Submit your film about your hero or heroism to the MY HERO website.
Did you know? Films in our growing archive come from students and professionals around the world, including Academy award winners.
Share and listen to music and audio presentations of poetry, hero essays and interviews.
Did you know? Students in other countries use the Audio Gallery to read and listen to our stories to learn English!
Give a short shout-out to whatever hero is on your mind right now!
Did you know? Since 1995 and the launch of MY HERO, we've gathered over 150,000 "tweets" about heroes from around the world!
Review events and contribute notable heroes, important events in history, UN celebration dates, and collaborative happenings with MY HERO.
Did you know? Soon, you'll be able to create your own calendar using our data!
Change your information both public and private.
Did you know? You can choose to make your information public so people who view your media can know a little bit about yourself!
Standards based lesson plans, collaborative tools, tutorials, flyers, FAQs, selected stories, and more are available for educators!
Much of the teacher's room is a closed community - we verify and manually approve educators to promote a safe and fun place for teachers to collaborate.
Contribute to the discussion about the meaning of heroism, what it means to be a hero, and how should we choose our heroes.
Did you know? MY HERO isn't just a stagnant website. We are a team of educators and artists that continually update the site, monitor submissions, and assist teachers and visitors!

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