Organizer - Advanced Features

How to do more advanced things with an organizer


Images are introduced into an organizer using image_search IMAGES on the Main Toolbar.

When an image is added to an organizer it is not linked to anything. The image can then be given link. I.e. when clicked the user will be directed somewhere.   Additionally, the image can be given a name along with some summary information.

Images have more flexibility when it comes to presentation and size. For this reason it is also possible to either generate an image element based on a media element. The media element continues to exist.

Another option is to convert the media element into an image element.

The only images that are allowed on MY HERO are images that belong to the person who uploaded the image, or the image lies in the public domain and is available for use by anyone. There is a separate write-up about this. Images require to be credited. This means the source (origin) of  the image must be provided.

Once introduced on the organizer page, an image can come in 5 sizes, based on image width. (small - 25%, medium - 33%, big - 50%, large - 75% and extra-large - 100%). 

Images are fit into the space allocated and maintain their aspect ratio ( i.e. they do not become distorted).  Within the space allocated to the image, padding can be used to make the image smaller again and it position it how you would like it on the page.



Adding an image

Images can be introduced into an organizer in a number of ways.

1. Upload the image from your own computer or storage device (Own Image)

2. Use an image url (location of an image on the internet) to upload the image (URL)

3. Search for an image that you previously uploaded to MY HERO from our image library (Uploaded by Me)