Shorts for Children: A selection of winning films from MY HERO International Film Festival

Watch short films from around the world celebrating heroes from all walks of life with your family or your class online.

The Plastic Perils of The Pacific

Produced by:Brandon & Carlene Strathmann
Pollution is not a species-specific problem.

Mig Said Series: Lets be Friends

Produced by:Pongo Kuo
Sometimes we all find friends in unlikely places.

The Ocean We Want To Know

Produced by:Macgillivray Freeman Films
One World One Ocean's new animated video celebrates the wonders of the ocean with stunning facts about our connection to the planet's lifeline.

The Chameleon's True Colors

Produced by:Carolyn Downie
A colorful chameleon learns to be himself in a fun song that celebrates diversity, individuality and friendship.

Mouk - The Cloud Catcher

Produced by:François Narboux and Millimages
Mouk and Chavapa are in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Part of a series produced by Millimages.

Hummingbird [excerpt from dirt! THE MOVIE]

Produced by:Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow, & Eleonore Dailly
Wangari Maathai shares a simple story to illustrate a powerful point.

Who is Jim Henson?

Jessica Ordaz
Learn all about the creator of the Muppets.

Stand Up

Produced by:Girard College Lower School
This song was written by Paul M. Eaton for his students at Girard College Lower School in response to their association with the National Liberty Museum and being exposed to their message of "Live Like A Hero".

The Peace of Wild Things

Katy Wang
When despair for the world grows in me… ...I come into the peace of wild things. ~Wendell Barry

The Present

Produced by:Dir. Anna Matacz
Jake spends most of his time playing videogames indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.

Sports Illustrated Kids of the Year

Produced by:Ian Orefice
Highlighting the amazing brothers Conner and Cayden Long. Jenny Brown - Producer/Editor Ian Orefice - Executive Producer Jack Schurman - Director of Photography Luke Schurman - Audio Engineer

The Last Straw

Lynne Cherry
Nine-year-old Milo Cress is concerned about the millions of straws that pollute waterways, waste fossil-fuel resource and harm ocean creatures. With the help of some friends, he convinces restaurants to “go straw-free”. Milo then takes the fight all the way to Capitol Hill.

127 Marine Conservation Zones

Produced by:by Chris Smyth
127 is an important number for marine life in the English Seas.

Mę (Mother)

Produced by:Jackie Khanh Doan
The project speaks of the subject of motherhood.

Binding Adventures

Mikylah Spangenberg
June and Timothy Watts are late for their train. What will the rest of their adventure entail?

SFU Public Square ONE VOICE Music Project

Produced by:SFU Public Square/Sarah Van Borek from CANADA
The power of music, media, performance and collaboration to bridge divides and inspire appreciation for diverse communities.

Unsung Hero Song

Produced by:Kitty Richardson, George Abalone, Edited by Katie Graubart, Animatio...
This song was written and performed by Kitty Richardson.

Composition For Sustained Rain

Produced by:Groupo Humus
The leaks of a house become the perfect excuse for an aquatic symphony.

My Blue Heart Ocean Montage

Produced by:MY HERO
A tribute to Sylvia Earle - original song written and recorded by Whitney WInefordner

Playing For Change: Peace Through Music

Produced by:Whitney Kroenke Burditt, David Ernst Bacon, and Norman Lear
Playing for Change | Peace through Music

To The Boy - for Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Produced by:Alana Daly Mulligan
Mattie's life philosophy was to play after every storm, so now, when we all feel tossed about but the waves of our world, we must remember to hold onto hope.

We Sing Out

Produced by:Lynne Cherry
A group of kids and folk legend, Pete Seeger making the world a better place with music.

Dr. Willie

Produced by:Linda McLean & Debra Roberts of Little Pearls
Willie was just an ordinary dog, but now, he is a certified pet therapist!

Wild and Free Pearl

Produced by:Linda Mclean
A message from a wise forest dweller.

The Secret of Trees

Produced by:Albert Maysles
What do trees know that we don't? 13-year-old inventor Aiden set out to find out.

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Produced by:Pacific Marine Mammal Center
The Pacific Marine Mammal Center helps rehabilitate injured sealions found off of the Pacific Coast sends them back into the wild healthy and free.

Olivia's Birds and the Oil Spill

Produced by:Lynne Cherry
Young Olivia loves birds, and creates over 500 paintings of her feathered friends to raise funds for Audubon's bird rescue.

Staying Well with Coach West

Produced by:Carolyn Hodge-West, Jessica Ordaz, Emma Garcia, Nicole Petrovsky, Je...
Coach West helps navigate you through the emotional fallout of COVID-19 with helpful tips.

Fear of Flying

Ernie Berger
A young bird and a sea turtle share madcap misadventures in a coming-of-age "buddy" story.

MABON ‘The 8 year old activist’

Jack Davies
Our world has a serious ocean plastics problem. There are now a higher number of plastics in the ocean than the number of fish.

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