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LAGUNA BEACH, CA - 03/15/16 - The MY HERO Project is putting out a Call for Entries for the 2016 MY HERO International Film Festival. The MY HERO International Film Festival is an uplifting celebration of films, filmmakers and the heroes who connect and inspire humanity. This is the festival's 12th year of celebrating the world heroes through film. 
Submissions are being accepted for short films in genres including Narrative, Documentary Music Video, Experimental, Animation, Trailer, Excerpts, Indy Features in Development and PSAs. There are categories for filmmakers of all ages and abilities from elementary school student to professional.
Submissions must be no more than 10 minutes in length, including trailers and excerpts of longer pieces, and should be appropriate for children. Films that promote hatred, violence or racism will not be accepted.
Special prizes and awards include::
The Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award is a $500 cash prize given to a short film that celebrates heroes who help protect the world’s oceans. This annual prize honors the lifelong work of oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, who dedicated her career to ocean conservation. The award is presented by One World One Ocean Foundation (, a 501(c)3 public charity that uses the power of giant-screen films to educate and inspire.
The deadline for The Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award is April 1, 2016. CLICK HERE for details, or to submit a film. 
The Ron Kovic Peace Award offers a $1,000 prize to a short film about peace of peacemakers. Kovic, an author and artist, has spent the past 40 years as an activist for peace. The former U.S. Marine sergeant was wounded in combat on his second tour of duty in the Vietnam War. The incident left him paralyzed from the mid-chest down. He became a respected spokesperson for the anti-war movement. He addressed the Democratic National Convention in 1976, spoke at the Kennedy Center Honors Ceremony in 2009 and served as a member of the Council for Dignity, Forgiveness and Reconciliation in 2010. Kovic presents the award each year at the MY HERO International Film Festival's Annual Awards Ceremony.
Early deadline for the Ron Kovic Peace Award is April 15, 2016. CLICK HERE for information or to submit your film.

The Dan Eldon Activist Award is a  $500 prize given to the filmmaker who who best uses media to effect positive change. The award is presented each year by Kathy Eldon in honor of her late son Dan Eldon, a photojournalist who was killed while on assignment in Somalia in 1993. Dan Eldon was a passionate activist and artist, who was fearless in his quest to help others and to tell stories people could not tell for themselves. His work has appeared in art journals and exhibitions and serve as an inspiration for people around the world. 

Early deadline for submissions to qualify for the Dan Eldon Activist Award is April 15, 2016. CLICK HERE to get additional info or to submit your short film. 
A new award is being offered this year in honor of the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press. The TEEN PRESS Award comes with a $500 cash prize and will be awarded to a hero-themed journalistic story created by a youth reporter. With their home base in Santa Barbara, the Teen Press has covered stories that include the inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C., the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, and the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. 
Other awards include:
The Relationships First Award is a $1,500 cash prize offered by the Foundation for the Contemporary Family. The award honors a short film that innovatively depicts the powerful connections that are found in any type of contemporary family relationship. CLICK HERE for additional information.
The Immersive Storytelling Award honors a film that uses Virtual Reality to promotes positive social change. CLICK HERE for additional information.
Early deadlines are April 15, 2016.
To submit a film, CLICK HERE
Winners will be announced at MY HERO's Annual Awards Ceremony and all winning films will be featured on the MY HERO website, to be enjoyed by a global audience. 
The festival is part of The MY HERO Project, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to sharing stories of heroes from all parts of the world. MY HERO's award winning web site ( hosts the world's largest archive of hero themed stories, music, art and short films.
The early submission deadline is April 15, 2016. The final deadline will be August 15th. Submission fees are waived for students. CLICK HERE for information about guidelines and fees. 
To learn more about The MY HERO International Film Festival, email Wendy Milette at [email protected] or visit

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