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LAGUNA BEACH, CA – 6/24/16 – MY HERO will share its Global Storytelling Project with teachers from all around the world at the annual International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Denver, Colorado on June 26-29th.  ISTE is a nonprofit that promotes technology as a tool to empower students. 
The annual educational technology conference brings together more than 16,000 teachers and educational leaders to share knowledge, ideas and tools to enhance learning in the digital age. ISTE provides a forum for the exchange and exploration of ideas and issues including mobile learning and digital citizenship.
MY HERO staff and teachers at the 2012 ISTE conference in San Diego, CA
MY HERO staff and teachers at the 2012 ISTE conference in San Diego, CA
THE MY HERO Project is one of several global projects being highlighted at the opening night “Global Connections Session,” in which speakers share the tools and resources they use in their classrooms. 
“MY HERO provides inspiring multimedia resources and online story telling tools that educators committed to using media and technology in the classroom have embraced,” said Jeanne Meyers, Co-founder and Director of The MY HERO Project. “It’s an ongoing relationship. We build our archive of hope and inspiring media with contributions from students and people from around the world. Then we are able to share these resources with teachers at ISTE’s annual conference."
Meyers will be one of the presenters, along with MY HERO International Film Festival Director Wendy Milette and Victoria Kogan Murphy, Director of Art Education for The MY HERO Project.  Jerrilyn Jacobs, a New Media teacher at Taft High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District, will also represent MY HERO. 
Taft High teacher Jerrilyn Jacobs addresses educators at the 2012 ISTE conference
Taft High teacher Jerrilyn Jacobs addresses educators at the 2012 ISTE conference
Jacobs has used the MY HERO curriculum in her classroom for most of the 15 years she’s been teaching. The MY HERO resources, which are created by teachers, use standards-aligned lesson plans to enrich learning for students of all ages. Jacobs represented MY HERO in the 2012 ISTE conference and shared information about a MY HERO cultural exchange program, in which teacher Cheikh Seck, from Dakar, Senegal, visited her classroom.
“It got me excited about the cultural connections you can make using MY HERO to break down the classroom walls,” said Jacobs.
Milette will share MY HERO’s archive of uplifting short films with teachers so that their students can explore new digital story telling tools and find inspiring films made by students and professionals around the world.  MY HERO hosts an Annual Film and Multi-media Festival honoring makers or great short films, essays, art, and songs honoring real life heroes.  Prizes are awarded to both students and professionals (htttp:// 
Guest at Laguna Hero Fest enjoys a Virtual Reality demonstration
Guest at Laguna Hero Fest enjoys a Virtual Reality demonstration
MY HERO will be bringing VR gear to showcase award winning Virtual Reality experiences for students, courtesy of
"MY HERO is excited to be promoting our VR for Good educational resources this year at ISTE," she said. "We will have a few Virtual Reality Headsets at our booth for participants to try out some 360 video created by RYOT."
Murphy will offer examples of how schools, and communities, can use MY HERO to form collaborations and everyone is invited to share inspiring media on MY HERO’s award winning website (, with its ever-growing archive of stories, short films, music and art. MY HERO provides access to thousands of stories, films and art works that offer hope and inspiration.
"Using MY HERO Create tools offers unique opportunities for cross-curricular collaboration and independent creative thinking," said Murphy. 
Veteran teacher Mali Bickley will also join MY HERO at ISTE. A teacher for 32 years, Bickley has guided her classes through collaborations with students from all over the world. Her students won MY HERO’s 2009 Ron Kovic Peace Award for one such collaboration, “Imagine Peace,” a short film that features art and music. Bickley is the assistant country coordinator of iEARN Canada and gives workshops on Collaborative Global Education.
The MY HERO team will share resources, including the Organizer Toolkit, MY HERO web authoring tools to share essays, art, films and songs. Participants will learn about the Laguna Hero Fest, an annual celebration of local and environmental heroes in the Southern California beach town, and learn how to create similar Hero Fests, in their own communities.
The MY HERO Project can be found in Lobby D, table 21, on Sunday, June 26, from 7:00–8:30 pm. Representatives will be making MY HERO material available during the conference at booth 4420 at the Exhibition Hall. For more information, please visit our web site or contact Jeanne Meyers at [email protected].

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