2018 Immersive Storytelling Award Finalists

Innovative Virtual Reality content featuring immersive storytelling that promotes education, activism & social good.

Narrative VR

Crow: The Legend - VR

Produced by:Baobab Studios, Get Lifted, and Native Americans in Philanthropy
Inspired by the original Native American legend, this story is about sacrifice and community.

Educational - Interactive VR

Breaking Boundaries in Science VR

Breaking Boundaries is an interactive celebration of history’s most influential women scientists.

Anne Frank's House VR Tour

Travel back to the years of the Second World War and wander through the rooms of the Annex that housed the group of 8 Jewish people as they hid from the Nazis.

Mind at War VR [Trailer]

Produced by:RYOT
“Mind at War” is a room-scale VR experience which takes viewers through a series of VR paintings that depict the memories of Iraq War veteran Scott England before, during, and after the war.

360 Video 

Sanctuaries of Silence

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Join Hempton on an immersive listening journey into Olympic National Park, one of the quietest places in North America.

Standing Rock: Part Two | The Turnaround: Your World in 360

Produced by:RYOT
As winter starts to make its presence known at Standing Rock, water protectors remain committed to ending construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, preparing themselves and their camp for the harsh North Dakota cold.

Meeting a Monster VR

Gabriel Arp
Meeting a Monster examines the memories and motivations of former white supremacist Angela King.

Authentically Us: We're Still Here

Produced by:Oculus VR for Good
We're Still Here follows Aiden Crawford, a Two-Spirit artist and historian in Boise, Idaho, who struggles to preserve and revive his heritage in a race against time.

Honorable Mentions

S19 "The Heart of Mexico"

Produced by:Noelia Kubatov
S19 takes you into experience the Earthquake and the heart of community activism after the devastation in Mexico City on September 19, 2017.

Authentically Us: She Flies By Her Own Wings

Produced by:Oculus VR for Good
Driven by the military tenet of “Leave No One Behind,” Shannon Scott, a proud transgender veteran pulls the levers of democracy.

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The Walk Again Project And Dr. Miguel A.L. Nicolelis Earn

The winner of the 2016 Immersive Storytelling Award.

Project Syria: An immersive Journalism Experience

Producer: Nonny de la Peña
Nearly one half of Syrias 23 million people have been displaced in its civil war and no group has been as severely affected as children. Children make up more than half of the three million refugees living in camps or makeshift housing and some news reports indicate that children are actually being specifically targeted in the violence.

Nonny de la Pena

By: Justine Amodeo

VR for Good Initiative

By: Riley McMahon

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