2018 Relationships First Award Finalists

Short films that depict in innovative ways the powerful and poignant connections in any type of contemporary family relationship.

The Toothmans

Deb and Jim Toothman and their transgender daughter Cooper Toothman, talk about their struggles with acceptance both within their family and in the community.

Between Us

Alicia Coppola

Between Us is the story of Angela’s life, the one she has and the one she wishes she could have.

I'll Hide, You Seek

Anne Richardson
I'll Hide You Seek is literally and figuratively a story about being lost... and found. A story about being seen, and known.

Idle No More

Produced by:Wapikoni Mobile
Heather Archibald was a social activist and foster care child who passed away. Her strong words are honored in this film.

Gloria's Call

Cheri Gaulke
In 1971, graduate student Gloria Orenstein received a call from Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington that sparked a lifelong journey into art, ecofeminism and shamanism.

The Story of Life

Brett G. Kim
A documentary detailing the life of ten-year-old Ethan Posner, his three-year battle against cancer.

Laurie's Day

Produced by:Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, Mika Pham
The film follows Tory and her brother Dean as they struggle to say goodbye to their mother on her final day.

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