2020 Relationships First Award Finalists

These films have been selected for reflecting positive and supportive healthy relationships.

Inseparable: The Story of Elly and Lya

Gabriela Barrett, Alexander McDaniel, Idalis McZeal, Noa Nelson, Grace Sandman, ...
Dutch sisters, born on the same day but years apart, are separated by the Holocaust and raised in hiding by two very different families.

Cries of the Children

Produced by:Angel Miracle Espericueta
Cries of the Children is a short film about how Latinos are affected by social media postings illustrating child separation.

The Hand You Were Dealt

Produced by:Jack Hessler
Among the many ideas and beliefs that separate us, there are two fundamental human qualities that we all share: the yearning for love and the ability to help others.

A Second Family

Produced by:Susanne Maria Krauss
A few years ago, Amina’s mother couldn’t afford a “normal“ school for her only daughter. So, she took her to a school for deaf DR Congo.

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