2020 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award Finalists

Sponsored by MacGillivray Freeman's One World One Ocean Campaign for short films featuring Ocean Heroes who are making waves of change for Ocean Conservation!

Looking After Our Environment

Produced by:Mark Pearce
Mark Jones speaks out against a gas development complex that spells doomsday for some species living around James Price Point.

A Voice for Whales (Official Trailer)

Selket Kaufman
Greg Kaufman founded Pacific Whale Foundation in 1980 to educate the public from a scientific perspective, about whales and their ocean habitat.

On the Edge: Lewis Pugh

Produced by:Michael Booth

On the Edge follows endurance swimmer and UN Patron of the Oceans, Lewis Pugh, in his toughest swim ever to promote awareness about climate change.

Our Catchment

Produced by:Michael J. Lutman
As environmental concerns such as climate change and plastic pollution grow, so do the efforts to take action.


Produced by:Luke Richmond and Sarah Berman

Abalone need our help, but hardly anyone knows about the challenges they face. Video produced by the Aquarium of the Pacific.


Avery Bazan
A collaboration between Oceans Unmanned and DJI utilizing drones to help entangled humpback whales.

Student Finalists

Waterheart and Her Friends

Produced by:Tianna Bluebird
A cut-out animation short about a mythical character, Waterheart, and the friends that help her to clean up her polluted home: Earth.

Water Is Sacred

Produced by:Kimimila Wahpepah
When we pray with water, it helps our bodies and the earth, and we say Wopila Tanka (Immeasurable Thanks) for its medicine.

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