2021 Relationships First Finalists

View the finalist films that depict in innovative ways the powerful and poignant connections in any type of contemporary family relationship.

I Have Four Parents

Daniel Roy
This video is a magical rendition of the story of my very unique four-parent family. Everything I talk about in the video is true, and these are the answers to the questions I most commonly get asked.

Still Being Written

Mélanie Gohin
A love poem illustrated and animated, this declaration is a gift dedicated to his sweetheart.

Indigenous Muses

Alexandre Canda
"This Mini-Documentary tells the story of indigenous muses Daniela, Sabrina, Laura, and Jussara.

Facing it

Sam Gainsborough
A man is forced to explore his own difficult memories and relationships in an evening that will leave him changed forever.

Do You See Rainbow?

Kitty Richardson
An insight into autism from the perspective of someone with autism.

Staying Well with Coach West

Produced by:Jessica Ordaz, Emma Garcia, Nicole Petrovsky, Jennifer Bose, Felicia...
Coach West helps navigate you through the emotional fallout of COVID-19 with helpful tips.

What Would Your Sign Say?

Gabriel Diamond
PASSWORD: thisisscary This is a document of what happened when a group of people gathered in public holding signs which revealed a personal fear or shame.

Relationships First - Youth Finalists

Love Can Heal Us All

Azomali Obisakin
A young person states her case that love above all else is a healing force. This documentary includes interviews with parents and kids and reflects on how acting consciously in love is good for all.

Still There?

Produced by:Lucy Schacher
After yet another big fight, Ava’s sister, Lola, seems to be growing up without her...

TRANSPARENCY: Becoming Oliver

Tessa Grace Morell
Experimental short film made to visually accompany the original poem "Becoming Oliver" written by Oliver Marino.

5400 Children

Morgen Arguelles
A strong statement about child separation at the U.S. / Mexico border and its impact on knowledgeable youth that are watching its government's policies in action.

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