Be inspired by the finalist films for the Dan Eldon Activist Award. 

Activist Finalist Films - TRT 29 Minutes

Who Should Decide The Future of the Amazon

Amazon Frontlines
A global campaign aims to raise awareness on the urgent need to respect Indigenous people's right to decide over the future of their territories, cultures & lives.

Building a Shower Trailer for Chico's Houseless on a Budget... of Love!

Produced by:Respectful Revolution
This video is one of the latest from the Respectful Revolution project that is dedicated to documenting humane solutions to our world's many challenges.

Wells Fargo: Defund Line 3

Peter D Menchini
Wells Fargo and BlackRock are selling out your future. Our indigenous-led art party brought the message to their executives.

Wasteminster: A Downing Street Disaster

Produced by:Greenpeace UK
The British government claims to be a world leader in tackling plastic pollution but the UK is the 2nd biggest producer of plastic waste per person in the world

Rights of Nature

Produced by:Will Parrinello | Executive Producer - Goldman Environmental Prize
Alex Lucitante and Alexandra Narvaez spearheaded an Indigenous movement to protect their people’s ancestral territory from gold mining. Alexandra and Alex are recipients of the Goldman Environmental Prize


Produced by:Yves Matthey
A portrait of a guy with surprising resilience and his return to the shanty town, where he began his life!

Youth Honorees - TRT 13 Minutes

Fractured Democracy

Matt Fahn

This short documentary is made by High School Director, Matt Fahn. It analyses Roe V. Wade's overall impact it has on the political state of the country.

Racism Must Stop

Azomali Obisakin

This documentary short was created by Elementary School Director, Azomali Obisakin, who is exploring the impact of racism on the lives of children and adults.

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