2022 Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award Finalists

Enjoy these short films featuring Ocean Heroes around the world!

All the Way to the Ocean

Produced by:Joel Harper
A story about two friends and their discovery of the cause and effect relationship between our cities' storm drains and the world's oceans, lakes and rivers.

Meet the Filmmaker - Ocean Heroes

Nina Clare Constable

Conservation photographer, Nina Constable, talks about her work as a videographer, her passion for nature and wildlife.

Voice Above Water

Produced by:Turning Tides Films
Learn about 90 year old, Wayan Nyo from Indonesia, who does his part to clean the ocean and make the world a much better place.

Restoring the Coral Reefs in Florida

Richard E Morris
This film introduces Sea Heroes who are working to restore the depleted coral reefs off the Florida Keys.

MASTS Next Gen Climate Leaders

John McCaffery
Scotland’s inspirational young climate leaders are sharing their passion about tackling climate change.

What can the UK learn from Sussex's inshore bottom trawling ban?

Michael Dorgan
Through this film, Oceana calls on the UK government to introduce such a ban on bottom trawling along the whole UK coast and in all marine protected areas

The Sea and Me - Above

Dominic Joyce
Charlotte Banfield is a world-class para surfer that until a few years ago was completely afraid of water.

The Weedfish

Aart Jan van Dijk, Matt Silcock
In a bold attempt to defend them, two marine researchers and photographers embark on a wild search for the Crested Weedfish.

Student Ocean Conservation Films

Keep On Venting - Ep. 1 - A Hydrothermal What?

Brittany Washington

How do interactions between the Earth's rocky crust, molten core, and liquid oceans create hydrothermal vents?

Small Things Add Up

Noah Schreiner
Noah Schreiner documents a visit to Dolphin Research Center and shares how we can all do our part to help solve the problem of plastics in the ocean.

Ocean Hero Spotlight

Jessica Vance
Oluwaseyi Moejoh from Nigeria and Heather Brockbank from the Bahamas share their stories of ocean activism.

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