2022 WOJ Youth Reporter finalists

Enjoy the finalist films from middle and high school student journalists

High School Documentary

The Story of José Rizal

Ben Caloza
This is a short biographical film about the life and death of José Rizal, considered by many to be a national hero of the Philippines.

Fractured Democracy

Matt Fahn
In this short documentary, I deeply analyzed Roe V. Wade's overall impact it has on the political state of the country.

A Day in the Life of a Plastic Bottle

Produced by:Jasper County High School
In mini-documentary style, a plastic water bottle is purchased then followed through a typical day in the hands of a high school student.

The White Rose

Ian Kim
The story of the German students who resisted the Nazis by distributing incendiary leaflets.

Middle School Documentary

The Forgotten Hero - Carl Lutz

Daniel Joseph Taylor
This is a 6 minute video about the Holocaust hero Carl Lutz, who saved 62,000 Jews during his lifetime.

Stories of the Holocaust

Produced by:STEAM Academy
Miriam Granat shared her difficulties and atrocities, while still focusing on the wonderful people that helped her survive through harrowing events in her life.

Scott Joplin

Produced by:Lora Batchelor Middle School
This is a Documentary on Scott Joplin who is a hero of mine who is a pianist of the 1800s.

Middle School Women Heroes

Amelia Earhart

Produced by:Lora Batchelor Middle School
It is a documentary about Amelia Earhart and how she is a hero.

Malala: The Story of a Hero

Produced by:Lora Batchelor Middle School
This is a video about Malala Yousafzai and how she stood up for women's rights.

Dian Fossey; A Hero

Produced by:Lora Batchelor Middle School
This is a film about the life and career of Dian Fossey.

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