2023 Mattie Stepanek Poetic Film Finalists

Enjoy these short poetic films made by professionals and youth.

Professional Poetic Film Finalists


By: Kyle Sykes

A young man goes around visiting cornerstones of the black community.

One More Time

By: Queality

Former band members of the Mighty Ram Band of Eastside High recall their golden days.


By: Kelly Guerin

Jo-Anne McArthur visited two pig farms...

Gulf Coast Love Story [excerpt]

By: Dayna Reggero

People in the Gulf Coast come together for a better future.

Matthew Modine's I AM WHAT YOU IMAGINE

By: Matthew Modine

A sensual exploration of the unexplainable.

Student Poetic


By: Gehrig Blackburn
An original poem celebrating the uniqueness of Australia.

Mother Earth

By: Lily Virostko - Pacific Elementary School
Lily's original poem for the Earth!

Mother Moon

By: Elciana Hudson - Pacific Elementary School
Elciana shares her poetry for the Moon.


By: Aadi Mistry - Pacific Elementary School
Aadi appreciates this fantastic fruit!

Amleto - Hamlet. A Grammar Test on the Use of the Verb "to Be"

By: Vittorio Caratozzolo & Class 2 A (2022-23)

"to be" or "not to be"?

The Hill We Climb

By: Destiny Brown
created this work surrounding Amanda Gorman's poem, "The Hill We Climb".

Student Spoken Word

The Most Endangered Species

By: Lauren

15-year-old Lauren's ode to Enzo Suma, founder and curator of Archeoplastica.

My Secret Fish Farm

By: Natalie
Watch 12-year-old Natalie entrance us with the story of Veta La Palma, an amazing fish farm.

We Just Don't Know

By: Ashlee Sung

As you listen to this poem, open a window of hope in your mind, for the ocean is a place to find answers.

To Thrive, Be a Chive

By: Cassie

17-year-old Cassie read that you could be buried in a mycelium coffin and become a blessing to the Earth.

This Fragile Paradise

By: Ashley Tsai
Watch 17-year-old Ashley Tsai honor Mbororo pastoralist and sacred resource cartographer Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim.

Where are you World?

By: Ally

A poem inspired by climate activist Ilyess El Kortbi that serves as a lament for the Earth.

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