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by Jose from Fresno

My hero is Tupac ''Amaru'' Shakur who was well known around the world. Tupac was born in Brooklyn, NY were he was named Lesane Crooks. Later he was named after an Inca Indian chief, Tupac Amaru, meaning ''shining serpent' and Shakur is Arabic for ''thankful to God''. He has sold 75 million albums which come to date he is the most well known and the most successful rapper out there.

Tupac Shakur was a famous rapper who was killed outside a club. His songs are still famous around the world. Even since his death people still think Tupac is alive, there's been a lot of conspiracy about Tupac still being alive.

 Tupac was killed in an accident outside a club while he was trying to shield Suge Knight from getting shot. Tupac was shot 4 times in the chest by an unknown person driving a white Cadillac. Tupac lay on the floor bleeding to death but was later rushed to a university center were he died six days later of respiratory failure and cardiac problems. Many people blamed Suge for causing the drive by. Still to this day many people try conspiracies on to which Tupac's murderer or if he is still alive.

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