Artists Heroes


by Mykhailo Prytula from Ukraine

My hero is 2pac Shakur, also known as Makaveli, and I'll tell you a short story about him.
Until his death, 2Pac was one of most known RAP artists who also had a commercial success. But people liked him not so much for his text as for the eyes. 2Pac sang about police violence, about social inequality, something about family and he always supplemented this with his examples from his life, which created a special atmosphere of sincerity in his texts. Such sincerity could be seen in the eyes of the rapper.

Some of you will ask me: "So... And what had he done for people? And for you?" and I'll answer "He was an artist". The character of many people and mine among them, were formed under the influence of his songs. He was telling us stories about ghetto life, racism, etc. and with this knowledge we changed a lot, for example I found my purpose in this life.

And finally, he was a nice guy. For example he was a member of two gangs who fought among themselves, but did not support any of them. He always wore the colors of the opposite gang and tried to reconcile them, although he risked being killed, what eventually happened...
Rest in peace, 2Pac, you're still alive in hearts of your fans.

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