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by Lesly from Fresno

Tupac My Hero ((Sean DeFrank))
Tupac My Hero ((Sean DeFrank))

Tupac Shakur was a artist who meant a lot to certain people including me. He would inspire people with his music and many people could relate to them. Every song he made had a story to it, and many of his stories were related to justice, gang affiliation, and/or family drama. Tupac was born in New York in 1971 and was murdered on September 7 in 1996 and died 6 days later. He was different from other rappers like SnoopDogg and Biggie Smalls - he stood out. His songs like "Me Against the World" are songs that have a lot of wise words in them, he was wise beyond his years. He cared about society and he also cared about others.

Tupac is my hero because i can relate to some of his music in many ways. Like the fact that his father was not around much, my father was never around and still hasn't been around. Just like his mom, my mom was a single independent woman. She had to work to give us food to eat and a home to live. A lot of his music might be violent but if you really pay attention to what he is talking about his message will get through to you. A lot of his music inspires me to set goals and try to reach what i am aiming for.

One of Tupac's quote says "I Want To Take Your Misery, Replace It With Happiness, But I Need Your Faith In Me" i like this quote because it reminds me that life ain't so bad and that when you fall, you get up, dust yourself off and keep going. It reminds me that there are still people there who care about you, and that you're not alone. Tupac is my biggest inspiration and i hope to one day be big and inspire other people in my own ways like he did.

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