Music is a lifesaver.

5 seconds of summer

by Katarina from Slovenia

"Knowing that our music has saved people's lives inspires me and makes me want to cry, if anyone is feeling down in any way don't be afraid to talk to me I love you." - Calum Thomas Hood, member of 5sos

"Real bands save fans, real fans save bands." - Michael Gordon Clifford, member of 5sos

"Find something that makes you happy and don't let anyone take it away from you" - Luke Robert Hemmings, member of 5sos

"I don't care what people might call us, what people think we are, we love the fans and we love what we do, always will" - Ashton Fletcher Irwin, member of 5sos

A hero to me is someone who is caring, loving, giving, strong, creative. It's someone who always puts others before themselves, spreads positive energy and knows how to make others feel better and helps them whether is it with their creativity, strength, bravery... My definition differs from others. I don’t think that my definition of a hero is wrong because every person has its own perspective of what the word hero means for and to them. It depends on the type of a hero it can be a hero from some type of movie which is strong, brave and possibly has superpower but in the real world a hero is someone who is prepared to help no matter if it is just a little thing or something major. If the thing that has been done means something to someone, who knows maybe they are that persons hero.

121676My heroes. heroes are a group of guys, musicians. They are Australian band making music from 2011. They make rock music and they definitely fit my definition. They are without a doubt my heroes. They helped me go through most of the worst times I had in my life and I’m thankful for that. Their music inspires me, gives me energy, makes me feel better. They are amazing people and I can’t imagine my life without them in my life. I swear that them and their amazing work means the world to me, they make me happy and I wouldn’t change that for anything. My heroes are 5 Seconds of Summer. They aren't typical heroes because they don't have any superpowers and  they haven't done anything major to be called heroes by others too. But they make music that helped their fans (including me) in many ways. They make music that has a big impact on my life. It makes me feel optimistic and keeps me going. They led me through my best moments and helped me with my worst. Not all heroes wear capes.

Story about this girl named Mimi...

Not a long time ago, maybe five or six years ago, in a room full of band posters and clothes laying all over the floor, was sitting a girl. Her name was Mimi and she loved being alone with silent music playing in the background surrounded only by her thoughts. She was extremely socially awkward and diagnosed with depression in her early teens. She was 16 at the time and she truly didn’t see any other escape except for the music. She loved music. She lived for the music and was breathing for the bands. She liked especially this one band that pulled all the negative thoughts away. That one band that made her think about all the beautiful things in life. That one band was called 5 Seconds of Summer. They were a group of four Australian guys making music, a pure melody for Mimi's ears. We could say that their music saved her. Mimi thought about suicide way too many times, but didn’t take her own life mainly because of them, their music and their foolish videos and love for their fans.


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