50 Cent

by Tyler from Provo

Do you know a anyone who has been shot 9 times and survived? I do, his name is 50 Cent. To me a hero is someone who has overcome difficulties, someone who I know has had a real bad life, but in the end they made it.

50 Cent, who is also known as Curtis Jackson, is a famous rapper. 50 Cent was born on July 6, 1976, and he was on his way to a hard life. At the age of eight, his mother was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Luckily, his grandparents took him in and provided for him. They fed him and everything. Then later he got in big trouble for possession of drugs. He got his GED while he was in jail. 50 Cent would rap on what is now known as Guy R. Brewer Blvd. in New York.

50 Cent started taking his rap thing seriously after his son, Marquise Jackson, was born. He first signed with the label, JMJ, where Run DMC would teach 50 Cent new things like how to structure a song. Then JMJ had problems and there was nothing they could do for 50 Cent. In 1999 Columbia Records noticed 50 Cent’s great talent and sent him to upstate New York. He was in the studio for two and one-half weeks and, in that period of time, he recorded 36 songs. These songs resulted in an unreleased track, “Power of the Dollar." Many rappers didn’t like 50’s style.

In April 2000, 50 was at his grandmother’s house when he was shot. This reminds me of his song, “Many Men (wish death)," which is about men trying to kill him, but he’s still here. While in recovery the next few months, Columbia Records dropped him from their label. 50 Cent didn’t give up. He kept making tracks. Soon enough, he made a new partner and friend, Sha Money XL. They made mix tapes. Then, independently in spring of 2001, he released some new material. He got his crew G-Unit and kept making new songs, but with first class beats.

After he was out of jail, he started the whole rap business. It started when the great MC Eminem said on the radio that 50 Cent was his favorite rapper. Eminem talked to Dr. Dre about 50 and told him he believed he was a hit maker. The great Dr. let Eminem sign 50 Cent and G-Unit. 50 had no doubt about signing with Eminem. Since then, 50 Cent has been the most famous newcomer of the decade with his hits like “Wanksta” and many more. His son was in one of his music videos.

Finally, 50 Cent had a great life at the end. He may not seem like Batman or Superman, but to me he is much more. He lived a pretty tough life and made it. He didn’t give up on the world. He didn’t get scared of anything. He had the power in him to make it and he did. That’s why 50 Cent is my hero no matter what.

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