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7th Annual Hero Fest celebrated accomplished women honorees - "Women Muses, Artists & Activists"

by Stu News Laguna

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Mary Fegraus, an honoree, was among the throng that was greeted by My Hero Foundation volunteers last Thursday night. 

See slideshow below with photos by Scott Brashier and My Hero Foundation

The complete list of Honorees at the Seventh Annual Laguna HERO FEST, honoring women muses, artists, and activists at [seven-degrees] March 13, 2014.

The Community Hero Award 

Mary Fegraus, for her dedication to preserving Laguna Beach open space.

Mada Leach, for being a wellspring of art and for creating LOCA.

Robin Altman, for beautifully capturing the spirit of Laguna Beach in her inspiring art.

Shaena Stabler, for her service to the community and her emerging vocal career.

Beth Fitchet Wood, for benefitting the community with her inspirational vocal talent.

Jodie Gates, founder of Laguna Dance Theater, for bringing cultural exchange and creative vision to the community.

Nancy Caruso, for her passion inspiring community and youth to nurture and grow the Orange County Kelp Forest.

Denise Cucruny, Co-Founder of Women for World Health, for improving health and living conditions for others in need.

Charity Oetgen, for using art to change the world with Artists Inspiring the Raindrops.

Emmalyn Tringali, for using art to change the world with Artists Inspiring the Raindrops.

Wendy Milette, for providing constant guidance to future filmmakers and activists as a dedicated media educator.

Other Honorees

Ruth Gluckson, for creating community awareness on the value of laughter and yoga.

Dorothy Meyers, for helping to spread awareness about the healing power of Laughter Yoga.

Sarah Elliot, for determination and courage as a photojournalist.

Faye Chapman, for her generous humanitarian acts helping others in need.

Rosalind Russell, for her far-reaching assistance to women in need.

Joanne Tawfilis, for bringing the world together through mural making and art.

Diane Challis Davey, for her service to the community as Director of the Pageant of the Masters.

Ranger Winter, for inspiring youth to be better stewards of the planet.

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