Lifesavers Heroes

All who risked their lives in 9/11

by Philip Blair from Center, TX

The day is September 11, there are people running and screaming. They are all running from the Trade Center. The second hijacked airplane has just slammed in to the second Trade tower. But brave men and women rush to the scene. Just doing their job, they rush up the towers, or block off the streets. They try to get as my people out of the area as possible. But some of this brave men and women never get out before more devastation. They died trying to save others without considering their own lives. These men and women were firefighters, police officers and government employees.

These firefighter ran headlong into danger looking for people that might be in the towers. They tried to put out the fires started by the jet fuel but the water could not drown the fire. They got many of the people out of the building and started to work their way to the top. The heat must of been intolerable 20 flights up in a building that is on fire. Then the worst happens and the first tower collapses. By then their superiors call everyone out of the second tower. The second tower collapsed and the search began in the rubble. The search went on for many months. Most of them worked without a break and worked long into the night. They searched for their friends and fellow firemen.

The police also played a heroic role in helping to save others. They helped block off streets and other ways to the site, so no one would get hurt. The police were the first to get to the scene and to find out what was going on up in the tower. They relayed all the info they had to the fire and emergency response teams that were on the way. Most of the police helped with the rescue of injured. Many of them helped family find their loved ones. They were just doing their job, not attempting to be heroes.

There were many government employees that helped to rescue people trapped under rubble and in the tower. There were the EMTs, Search and Rescue teams and construction crews. All of these people had a role to play in 9/11 and more. The EMTs were there to give medical help. They moved so many people to the hospital that they lost track of the number. I heard that an EMT had driven seven people at one time to the hospital. These people took care of firemen, police and others that came back from looking for survivors. The Search and Rescue teams spent all that time digging through the rubble. Some of these searchers weren’t even human; they were man’s best friend, K9s. They used their powerful noses to search for the trapped. These groups spent a lot of their time looking. Lot of construction crews drove their heavy equipment to the site and went to work. They spent much of their own money that they wouldn’t get back.

There were many other unsung heroes that day and the months that followed. There were many doctors and nurses that spent so long working on people who were hurt. There were just ordinary people that will never be honored for what they did. We will never be able to repay these people for what they did. September 11th was a day when we needed heroes and these people stepped forward to take the job.

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