9/11 Heroes

by Aaron from W. St. Paul

In order for someone to qualify as a hero to me they must have certain qualities. Such qualities would be strength, honor, pride, and most in importance they inspire me to want to be the best i can be. With that said, i do not have just one hero i have thousands and they are all of the 9/11 victims, survivors, and rescue workers.

There were four planes that were hijacked that fateful day. The first plane was Flight 11 which crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center hitting between the 95th and 103rd floor killing 92. The 2nd plane that crashed into the South Tower killing 65 was Flight 175. The 3rd plane, Flight 77, hit the Pentagon killing 64 on flight and 125 in Pentagon. The 4th and last plane, Flight 93, crashed about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh killing 44. The suspected target for the last plane was Washington, D.C.

There were already thousands in their offices ready to begin their day when the first plane hit. Everyone who were on the floors above where the plane hit were already destined to die and many chose to jump off the building instead of burning. There were 2,752 people that perished that day. Only 1,527 victims have been positively identified.

There were many rescue workers that put their lives on the line that day including police, firefighters and emt. The firefighters are the ones that bravely ran into the towers to guide many to safety, as well as sift through the debris in hopes of finding anyone who may be stranded. 343 firefighters did not survive that day.

All the victims, survivors and rescue workers that day are my heroes. They went through what all of us hope we never have to. And for their bravery and heroic actions as well as sacrifices they went though that day. They make me see that there are tragic things that may happen but to have the strength to get through them is what makes them my heroes.

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