A 1

by Yunike Susilo - SMA Kristen Petra 2

True Star, True Hero == A 1

Almost all people, especially teenagers, do admire or idolize someone that they consider special and able to influence their life and characters. We call those persons as idols. Sometimes, idols are able to, either directly or indirectly, bring a very big change – the good one, for sure – to someone’s life. These special idols are awarded a great label, hero. These heroes can be our parents, brothers, sisters, sports players, singers, or even movie-stars.

I do have my own hero. I should say heroes actually, since it consists of four talented-men. It is A1, a pop band from UK. The personnels are Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigsten, Mark Read, and Paul Marazzi. Maybe, someone will ask me back: “Isn’t it too much to consider A1 as a hero?” Let me say, it is not. I do know that A1 is not as famous as many other musical groups. We can mention, The Beatles, Bee Gees, Backstreet Boys, Queen, Michael Learns to Rock, and other hundreds legendary musicians. They never get any Grammy(s), though they ever got several platinums and Brit Award for their smash hit, Caught in the Middle. They were ever labeled as a low quality boy band who just liked to show off. Moreover, not all the personnels of A1 are able to play musical instruments. Only Christian and Paul do. Despite the people’s assumptions, I still adore and love A1 so bad because A1 has brought something precious to me and my life, and that makes me thank them very much.

In the year 2000, when most bands were producing songs about failures, loneliness, and futilities, A1 came like fresh water poured from heaven with their inspirable motivating songs. Most of their songs were about love, life, and friendship and were presented in absolutely unboring melody. Their songs are definitely melodic, easy listening and ears friendly – suitable for accompanying people who need time for rest and relaxation. I fell in love to their songs since the first time I listened to them. Each of A1 personnels has typical voice, and that is one of the factors why they could deliver romantic, unique, and soulful tune in each of their songs. They are also very creative since they wrote almost all the lyrics of their songs by themselves. It was quite rare at that time, a young boy band created their own lyrics. I always listened; I still do, to their songs every time I study and go to bed. Believe it or not, I am able to study better when I listen to their music. I became more diligent, more patient, and more musical. I must say that, A1 did change me a lot.

Last year, February 2004, was a very tough month for me. I have to join English competition, entrance test for High School, and at the same time, I had to study harder for all tests and try-outs from my school since I would join the final examination in May. The world became such a hell for me. I could not focus nor concentrate every time I tried to read my books. And finally, I almost did one thing I have never done before, give up. But then at night, when I listened to A1 as usual, I heard they were singing one of their songs ‘Learn to Fly’. I was startled. I listened to this song almost everyday, but I never paid attention to its lyric. I found that this song is really encouraging, especially for a wounded soul like mine. These are some words from the song: “…even though the walls may crumble, and you find that you always stumble through, remember never to surrender to the dark… ’cause if you turn another page, you will see it’s not the way, the story has to end… …tomorrow is a new day, and you will find your own way. You’ll be stronger with each tear that you cry, then you’ll learn to fly…”

I directly realized that giving up was not the solution. It is more honorable to fail after we have tried than to stay quiet and give up. Furthermore, those tests and examinations would determine my future. A quote says: “If the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” I changed my mind. I took my books and studied with a newly-born soul. And the result was awesome. I was succeeded in all of those tests and examinations. I won the competition, passed the entrance test, and got high scores for my final examination. I thanked God for giving me so many blessings. And once again I want to say, thank you so much for my beloved band, A1, for the inspiration and motivation they have brought through their songs.

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