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Abigail Adams

by Taylor from Laguna Beach

"when you offer your Blood..., it is can only die on the field of Battle, but we have the misfortune to survive those who we Love most."
Abigail Adams
Abigail Adams

Abigail Smith Adams, also known as Nabby, was born on November 11th 1774, in Weymouth, Massachusetts. When she was born she was very tiny and was very lucky to survive. As she grew up she was not allowed to go to school or go outside (unless she had to go somewhere to visit family) because her mom was afraid that she would get an infection or disease and die at a very young age. Abigail had two sisters, Mary and Betsy, and one brother Billy. Her father, William Smith, graduated from Harvard and then served as a minister in Weymouth. Her mom, Elisabeth Smith, came from a family that was not only wealthy but very well educated. As a child she was shy quiet, determined and stubborn.

John met Abigail at her sister Mary's wedding. Abigail was 15 years old and John was 27. Two years later Abigail and John met again. On October 25th 1764, John Adams married Abigail Smith and Abigail became Mrs. John Adams. The couple lived in Braintree, Mass. (now Quincy). Abigail and John had six kids; three daughters named Abigail, also nicknamed Nabby, born 1765, Susanna born 1768 (died at the age of thirteen mounths), the third girl was born 1778 and was a stillborn. They also had three sons named John Quincy, born 1767; Charles born 1770, and Thomas born 1772. This big family lived on a farm in Braintree Mass. In 1768 they moved to the city life in Boston. John Adams became the first Vice President of the United States and later the President following Goerge Washington.

Abigial Adams was a big part of the Revolutionary War. She cared for the wounded colonists and wrote letters to her husband John about what they should do to help their fellow colonists in the war. In one of the letters, she wrote that John and the Sons of Liberty should borrow money from Holland to finance their cause. This was heroic because, without this suggestion, they would have run out of money to fight the British. The letters strengthened John in his fight for independence.

Abigail Adams impacted my life because she showed me women can make a difference. She had a strong belief in their cause and gave those around her strength. This inspires me to fight for what is right, work hard, never give up and most importantly believe I can make a difference....just like she did.

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