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My hero is not only a singer -- he is a man who is working for the poor.
photo from: Sahara for
photo from: Sahara for

My hero's name is Abrar-ul-haq. He is a singer from the city of Faisalabad in Pakistan. He was born in Faisalabad but his initial schooling was in Gujrat and Rawalpindi. He completed his masters in Social Sciences from Quaid-e-Azam University and he joined Aitchison College in 1996 as a Geography lecturer. He switched his career from that of a lecturer to a musician because of his love and passion for singing. He organized fund-raising concerts and he helped the needy students of his college with that money.

The reason I admire him and selected him as my hero is not just because he's a good singer, but because he also works in several social and welfare activities. He has established a trust named "Sahara For Life". Sahara means support and this NPO works to support needy people. Their foremost focus is the health and education of people who are hopeless.

He faced many hurdles both in his familial and professional life. He didn't know about technical facilities and he didn't know where he should go. He didn't know about musicans, studios and the whole process of recording. It took him a long time to come up with his first song. His second obstacle was that his family didn't want him to sing. But his eldest brother encouraged him and his first song was launched in 1995. They rejected his song from being telecast but he pressed on and made them telecast it. In fourteen days the song was on the top ten list. He had no formal training in singing but his blessing from God made him successful.

He has sung his songs in Urdu, Punjabi and English. His style is pop, bhangra and folk. His first song "Bilo Day Ghar" was telecasted in 1995 and broke sales records. People really admire his work and songs and the best thing is that he writes his own songs. His album not only made him famous it also made him a household name. His second album was "Majajni" in 1997. He had different kinds of songs; some were slow songs to change the mood. His third album was "Bay Ja Cycle Tay" and it was released in 2000. There were many nice songs in that album, including a folk song. His last album which was released in 2002 was named "Assan Jana Mall-o-Mall." The first song, "Punjabi Touch," was well-liked as was another song called "Preeto". There was a slow track in that album as well.

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