Adam and Bethany W

by Brooklyn from Spanish Fork

    This society and the media of the world all make love sound so wondrous and magical, but you'd never believe it looking around. Kids see their parents getting divorced all of the time; it made it seem that their love was not "meant to be" or "magical enough". I've never felt that way, though, and that's because I have two parents that do love each other. Both work hard every day to prove their love to the other, and any passerby can see it. Their dedication is my inspiration when it comes to love.

     My parents were both products of divorced and remarried families, but that didn't halt their ideals of the perfect marriage! My dad has told me the story about how he fell for my mom many a time. He said that she turned around to pass back a paper, met his eyes, and smiled at him. My dad was never the same since. For my mother, it took a bit longer for her to realize her return of affection. One day, a best friend of hers was talking about meeting the most wonderful guy and how she wanted so badly to date him. When my mom inquired who this man was, her friend stated gleefully, "Adam" (my father soon to be). At that moment, something clicked within her; a thought that said, "If I do not get him now, I could lose him forever." Soon after, their love blossomed, growing together rather than from one side.

     Life hasn't always been rainbows and sunshine since then. They got married young and had me a short 6 1/2 months later. Obviously they have had their share of challenges along the way: money, finding good careers without a college education and working opposite shifts to keep their own kids out of daycare. Life threw many curveballs their way, and what did they do? They remembered the mistakes their parents made, having them seared into their brains like hot glue; they'd learned a long time ago that communication was the key to any successful relationship. They strove to achieve the technique and succeed. How else would they have been able to hold up a household for 18 years?

   Perhaps it is easier to see and believe in their fantasy-tale relationship when you've lived with them all of your life, personally experiencing every tragedy and victory.  Regardless, they are my heroes for showing me what true love is and for raising me to be prepared for whatever difficulties and rewards marriage holds in the future.

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