Albert Einstein

by Bryce from Hawaii

Einstein is my HERO!! He made mistakes but never gave up. He had enough courage to escape the Nazis and leave the place he loved. He was the greatest Homo-sapien of the 20th century.

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When Einstein was young he was quiet, big and smart (mostly). He had a sister named Maja. He had terrible temper problems and took math, science, Greek, Latin, German, and English.

Einstein had few friends. In college he had a good study mate named Max Talmud (or Talmey). He made friends with Franklin Roosevelt. He had two wives named Mileva and Elsa. His parents were Hermann and Pauline Einstein.

Making discoveries on light and gravity that proved greater than Newton’s, Einstein quickly became world famous. He won Noble Awards and prizes. He could even do things that were not his subject in science.

Einstein has been blamed for making the atomic bomb. All he did was send Roosevelt ideas (he was worried that the Germans would develop one first) and Roosevelt started the Manhattan Project. Roosevelt may have trusted Einstein, but FBI director J. Edgar Hoover did not. The Nazis were a political group, led by Adolf Hitler, that took over Germany. They starved Jewish people and attacked bordering countries. When Einstein left the country they called him a criminal. Einstein knew the Nazis would start World War II. He hated the idea of war and tried everything to stop it. He sent the ideas to President Roosevelt in hopes the war would end.

Einstein was a great man. His friends and family were dead. One of his two daughters was still alive. One of his two sons was mentally ill. He knew his time would come. When he died on April 18, 1955, in Princeton, everyone who knew him mourned his death.

Einstein did many things. His specialty was relativity such as light, gravity and physics, and he taught the world much of it. He taught the world that war is wrong and taught his people unity. He is important to me because relativity is related to astronomy, so I learn from him all the time. Without Einstein, there would be no Israel, a place for Jews everywhere. He helped to stop World War II. Without him, we would not know that gravity bends light, and I wouldn’t become a scientist. Einstein made a huge difference.

In closing, Einstein was the greatest scientist. He inspired many people, including me. I think he would be the greatest man in the eyes of God.


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