Albert Einstein

by Harrison from Maryland

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Albert Einstein

Albert changed the world's view of how the universe works. As a child Albert did poorly in school for asking questions. He was not able to graduate. His father and uncle owned a shop with electrical sources. Albert was fascinated on how they worked. The shop soon ran out of business and the family had to move to Italy. They left Albert behind to graduate. He didn't graduate and made up his mind that he would devote his life to physics. The first article published by him was when he disagreed with about every scientist. The article was about empty space. Scientists said that this thing was in empty space but Albert said it was well empty!
He was right actually.

He went to college in Switzerland and he liked it much better than his school in Germany because he was supposed to ask questions. He graduated and was driven to America by the Nazis due to the fact that he was Jewish. He continued his work and proved his first theory. Here it is: People knew that light was made from waves but there was something else. Albert called them photons. You see when a particle called an electron has a speed boost and then comes down to its original speed it gives off photons or other electromagnetic radiation.

Another discovery he had was E=mc2, which means that even the smallest of matter can have the biggest energy. What the equation stands for is "energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light (186,000 miles per second)squared." Another discovery he had was relativity. He thought that if time was constant and the speed of light is constant one must be wrong. He got the answer of relativity. The faster you travel the slower time passes. The last one I'll share is space time continuum. Issac Newton considered gravity as a force while Albert considered it as something that curved space time, making everything come closer. He won the Nobel Prize for his work in 1921.

Albert hated being exposed to the public. My grandfather had a class with him. He wasn't given answers so he went out to find them. He was a truly a great man.

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