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Anne Frank

by Cassie from Wyoming

How Anne Frank Lived
<a href=>Anne's gravesite</a>, R.I.P.
Anne's gravesite, R.I.P.

My hero is Anne Frank. She was born in Frankfort-on-Main on June 12, 1929 and died sometime in March of 1945. She was very smart, her sister would teach her new stuff like Math, English, and Social Studies. She was also caring; she loved people and helping them out. Another she is very grateful, she loves everything that her parents get her because she knows that it costs a lot of money.

Secret Annexe
Secret Annexe

Anne wrote a detailed diary for three years telling us about the Nazis and how they had to go into hiding for two years. She lived in a “Secret Annexe” and had to be silent the whole time she was there because they didn’t want the people working downstairs to hear them and turn them into the Nazis.

Before she was living in hiding she met a boy named Harry and he dumped his girlfriend for her so they started dating then around two weeks later she had to go into hiding with Daddy, Mummy, Mr. Kraler, Koophuis, Meip, Elli, Elli’ dad, Margot, and Peter Van Daan. Mummy and Daddy shared a room; Margot and Anne shared a room. Peter, Meip, and Koophuis shared a room, and, Mr. Kraler had his own room, and Elli and her dad shared a room.

Secret Annexe (
Secret Annexe (

Of everyone in the “Secret Annexe”, Kraler and Koophuis were arrested and sent to German and Dutch concentration camps. Meip and Elli are the ones who found Anne’s diary. Anne’s father returned alone and Kraler and Koophuis were able to come home to there families. Two months before the liberation of Holland, Anne Died in the concentration camp at Bergen- Belson.

<a href=>Anne Frank</a>
Anne Frank

Well I loved reading about Anne Frank because she was one of many Woman Heroes who helped us out and didn’t even know it. She was strong, outgoing, and kept her head high when she was in doubt. I look up to her and I hope you do too!

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