Anne Frank

by Geraldine from Mexico

Annelies Marie, best known as Anne Frank, is a hero because she and her family survived two years hidden in hidden rooms when there were Persecutions against the Jews.

When she was thirteen years old she got a diary as a birthday gift. There she wrote about many things, like about her life and how her family life was in their hiding place, how they hid two years, and many things more.

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She was a European Jewish girl. Anne had an older sister named Margot Frank, they were very close and supported one each other. Anne Frank died of typhus on February or March, 1945 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

She is a hero because she was a very brave person who survived living hidden for two years with her family. Anne Frank was hidden and with the fear of dying, but she still took time to write many things that happened to her on her diary. When Nazis found Anne and her family, they took them to concentration camps.

She didn't realize that she had left her diary in their hiding place. Years later her father found her diary and published it because he wanted the world to know about her daughter's life. Now her diary is published in many languages.

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