Young Heroes

Anne Frank

by Jessica from Cordova

Anne Frank is my hero. She was born on June 12, 1929 and died in March 1945, when she was only 15. She lived in Germany but moved to the Netherlands later. Anne was a Jewish girl growing up during the Holocaust, and she had to go into hiding in a place called the Secret Annex. It was a room behind a bookshelf in the place where her father worked. Seven other people went into hiding with her. They were her parents, Otto and Edith; her sister, Margot; the three Van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer. The Van Pels were Hermann, Auguste, and Peter. Peter was 16. He and Anne were in love during one part of the time in hiding, and Anne said that Peter was the only one who she could really talk to.

<a href=>Anne is 13 in this picture</a>
Anne is 13 in this picture

Anne lived in the Secret Annex for over two years. Then she and her family went to a work camp. Even though they were captured, Anne still liked to be out in the open air. At the Annex she had to be inside the whole time. I can’t imagine staying inside for over two years. After Anne went to the work camp she was transported to a concentration camp with her mother and sister. Her father was taken somewhere else. He survived the Holocaust, but Anne, her mother, and her sister all died at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

<a href=>Anne is studying in this picture</a>
Anne is studying in this picture

I think that Anne was brave, kind, and caring. I don’t know how she went through the Holocaust with mostly a positive outlook on things, but she did. Anne was one of a kind. She was not as scared as I would have been if I had been in her place. I think she showed a lot of people that heroes can be kids as well as adults. Anne was a true hero because she was not only a child, but she was loving and thought that everyone was really kind at heart, even the Germans. Anne is my hero because she has showed me what a true hero is, and how young people can become heroes!

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