Anne Frank

by Courtny from Colorado

Anne Frank
Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a young Jewish German who was born in 1929, and died in 1945. Anne Frank died at the age of 15 from dying in a concentration camp in World War Two. (The war went on 1940-1945) Anne Frank is known for hiding in an attic to stay away from the Nazis. She stayed in the attic with three other Jewish families. Anne Frank's mother died from being sick while they were hiding. The reason why I think Anne Frank is a hero is because she was brave, fearless, and memorable.

Anne Frank was brave because she had to stay in a small attic with three other families for two years. It had to be a struggle because they weren’t able to go anywhere besides the bathroom which they had to be careful about. Even though her mother died, she did not give up.

The reason why I think Anne Frank is fearless because she stayed alive for a long time during the war. If you read her diary you could see that she did not sound depressed, scared, or mad. She always tried to make the best of the situation.

Anne Frank as a child
Anne Frank as a child

Anne Frank was memorable because no one had ever done what she had done or that has ever been through what she had been through. I think that if someone now would have to go through that, they would give up.

Anne Frank went through many things in the attic, but in the end she did get captured and killed. But what she did is the reason why I think she is brave, fearless, and memorable.

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