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Anne Frank

by Eveline, Busra, Pien and Aysegul from Netherlands

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Our hero is Anne Frank. We have chosen her because she wrote in her diary, which she called Kitty. She wrote about her life during WW II. It’s not special to write a diary, but she wrote about the life of a Jewish girl and not many people did that during WW II.

We think she is amazing because she was only a child during WW II. She and her family had to hide from the Germans. They had to move from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. They had to do that because the Germans hated Jewish people. And they were sending all the Jewish people they saw/found to a concentration camp.

Anne Frank was Jewish, and was born on the twelfth of June 1929 in Frankfurt. She died in March 1945.

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Frank's Neighborhood

The blue part that you see is the house where Anne Frank and her family had to hide. They hid behind a book cupboard. Behind the book cupboard was a door that led to the outhouse. They lived in the outhouse from 6 July 1942 up to 4 August 1944.

After two years the place was found, someone had betrayed them, but they still don’t know who did that … The police arrested them and sent them to camp Westerbork. The family Frank died by gas and disease; only her father didn’t.

Her diary has been translated in 65 languages. That’s very special because not many diaries are translated in that many languages. This book is so successful because they want to know more about the life of Jewish people during WW II. Her diary has changed many people's lives.

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