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American Humane Association

by Tristan 1 from Jasper

American Humane Association Insignia (
American Humane Association Insignia (

The American Humane Association was established, in 1877, when twenty-seven humane organizations joined together in the first public lecture about animal and child cruelty. They combined their strength and joined their goals. Then, the American Humane Association was created.

Their first goal was to stop farm animal cruelty and the distressing condition most of them were kept in. Since then, the American Humane Association has kept with their goals, and has been prioritized.

Today, they are the only non-profit organization dedicated to improve the condition, animals and children are treated and kept. They are a system of individuals, groups, and large organizations, that hope to prevent abuse, neglect, and cruelty of animals and children.

The headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado. The American Humane Association should get more credit than they receive for their action in providing support and help for animals and children suffering from abuse and cruelty.

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Protecting children and animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect for over 130 years.