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American Humane Society

by Jenni from Reeds Spring

The American Humane Societies is considered a hero because: they take in abused and abandoned animals. The Humane Societies gives animals, a second chance at life with a home that will take care of them. The Humane Societies employees are mostly volunteers and ask for nothing in return, just the happiness of working with animals.

The humane society was formed in 1954. Fred Myers Co-Founded the first human Society with a dream to help animals without homes.

Rescue kitten (Drawn by Sabrina)
Rescue kitten (Drawn by Sabrina)

The Humane Society gets the majority of the animals off streets, abusive homes, or even from people that want them, but can’t ensure a healthy life for them. About 6-8 million dogs and cats are helped each year.

In 2007, $2,400 million was spent on the animals annually. Human Societies don’t receive much money at all. So any little donation helps.

Rescued dog with new owner (Drawn by Alexis)
Rescued dog with new owner (Drawn by Alexis)

If you want to help the human society, adopting a pet can make a big difference. People that want to adopt an animal from a humane society shelter are screened to ensure success for the animal. They must; fill out an application, explain why they want to adopt an animal, shown the time an animal takes, the expenses related to the animal, and various other challenges with having an animal.

The Human Society is a hero because they save and rescue animals. They keep our animals that we love off the streets, and away from danger and illness. They give them a chance to live somewhere that they are given food and shelter, and a possible family.

By: Alexis F.
Rachel K.
Sabrina H.

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