Allen Iverson

by Kiani from Yulee

" Football was my first love. (...) Still is. I didn't even want to play basketball at first. I thought it was soft. My mother's the one who made me go to tryout's. I'll thank her forever.
I came back.
Allen Iverson (AskJeeves)
Allen Iverson (AskJeeves)

Have you ever had a hero? Well I have one, and it is a great thing to have. Everyone should have one. Well I am going to tell you who my hero is and why. My hero is Allen Iverson. He is a great NBA basketball player. He is my hero because I've always wanted to be a professional basketball player. He is one of the greatest basketball players in the world to me.

Allen Iverson has been my favorite basketball player since I was a little girl. I always wanted to be just like him. He has been interested in basketball since he was a little boy. He was also interested in baseball, and football. June 26th, 1996 Iverson was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers as the first pick. In September of '96 Iverson signed a three-year, 9.4 million-dollar contract. Finally he could afford to get his mom and his two sisters out of the "The Sewer," as they called their home when they were kids.

Allen Iverson has accomplished many things in his life, although he has done some bad things (but what teenager didn't do anything bad?). Iverson has also had many troubles throughout his 22-years. In high school, eight of his friends were killed in a car accident.

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