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Alexandra Scott

by Katie H from Sycamore Junior High

When life gives you lemons, the saying goes, make lemonade.A hero to somebody doesn’t have to be someone famous or someone well known, a hero can also be someone that has done something to help somebody else. My hero Alexandra Scott has done something for a lot of people, the ones diagnosed with cancer, and most of all the ones diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Alexandra Scott is an eight year old girl that was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a child hood cancer, two weeks before her first birthday. To be a hero Alex started selling lemonade about four years ago to raise one million dollars in research for this cancer and for hospitals. She started her stand in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania where she lives. This lemonade stand is now all over the United States, which is dedicated to Alexandra Scott.

Sadly Alexandra passed away at her home in Pennsylvania on Sunday, August 1. She made a difference by showing people how important it is to donate to cancer, children or adults. Her family plans to set up a memorial fund in Alexandra’s honor at Children’s Hospital, in Philadelphia, where she lived for most of her life because of the cancer. Before she passed away she had asked to be remembered by something being established in her name because she knew something was going on. Her family just recently gave the Children’s Hospital $2,000 from this years lemonade proceeds.

The kind of hero I think Alexandra Scott would be is a hero to others near and far. I think this because just because she is a little girl and has cancer that with the money she is earning she is helping kids all across the world and that it would make her a hero to others near or far. Alex has raised many thousands of dollars that will go to the hospitals she has chosen to help find the cures for kids across the world and by doing this she would be helping many kids and maybe even saving live and I think that this would make her a hero.

Now after reading about Alexandra when somebody will mention something about a hero Alexandra Scott will come to my mind. She would come to my mind because she has worked so hard to her one million dollar goal and got to $750,000 before she died. She went to all this just to help kids just like her who could any day die because doctors have no cure, thanks to Alexandra maybe doctors can come up with something. Even though Alexandra died she helped many other kids that hopefully they can get a cure for them before they die.

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