Abraham Lincoln

by Wayne from Hawaii

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Abraham Lincoln sitting

My hero is Abraham Lincoln. He is loyal, generous, confident, smart, trustworthy, faithful, understanding, courageous, kind, peaceful, risk taker, and mature.

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd. He also stopped slavery by the Civil War. And he was our 16th president.

He was born Feb. 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky, in a log cabin. Both of his parents were from Virginia. Abraham`s mother died when he was ten. His father left to Indiana when he was eight. So Abraham was lonely through most of his life.

He lived near the forest. He grew up there all through his life. And he taught himself to read, write and decipher because he taught himself to. He worked all through his life. By learning (of course by himself) and doing chores.

I chose him to be my hero because he stopped slavery by standing up for other people and their rights to be treated evenly. He was also our 16th president. He was born in Kentucky and I lived in Georgia and that is close and that is why I chose Abraham Lincoln.

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