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Abraham Lincoln

by The Three Stars from New York

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Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Nolin Creek. Nolin Creek is three miles south of Hodgenville, Kentucky. These locations are in Hardin County in Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln's birth mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, died in 1818. His father, Thomas Lincoln, remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston. Abraham had two siblings. He had one older sister named Sarah Lincoln, and one younger brother named Thomas Jr. who later died during his toddlerhood. Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd Lincoln. The two spouses had four sons, Robert Todd, Edward Baker, William Wallace and Thomas "Tad" Lincoln. The only one that made it to later adulthood was Robert Todd, the oldest son of Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd.

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 in Kentucky. In 1815, Abraham goes to school for a little while but then he and his family cross the Ohio River. Unfortunately, in 1818, Abe's mother died of "milk sickness". He then starts to go to school again. He goes to school for a while and tries to do all he can to get good school books. Later on, Abe's married sister died while giving birth. In 1834, when Abe was 24 years old, he was elected into the Illinois General Assembly. In 1840, Abe argues his first case in the Supreme Court, and he also gets engaged to Mary Todd. He then goes through his depression. In 1842, Abraham Lincoln marries Mary Todd in Springfield. In 1851, Abe's father died. In 1853, Abe's fourth son is born after 11 years of marriage. In 1860, Abe is elected President of the United States of America. When the Civil War came he was the leader. He died in 1865 in 7:22 in the morning. Abe was the 16th president and helped end slavery. He was truly a hero for going through the Civil War and going through deaths at young ages.

Abraham Lincoln demonstrated heroism when he helped end slavery. It was tough but he still helped them. When Abe was president, he was brave and a good leader. He also was the leader of the Civil War. The most amazing thing is that he lived through the war.

Abraham Lincoln had many characteristics. He was brave when he helped end slavery because he knew that he might get hurt. He was also courageous when he was the leader in the Civil War and being president. Being a President means that you are mostly in charge of the country and some of the government. When he was the leader in the Civil War, he was a good leader and always did his best even though it was difficult. Finally he was caring. Abe was so caring and determined to help end slavery.

Abraham Lincoln died on April 15,1865 in 7:22 in the morning. He was a good 16th president and he was so good that now he is on the United States of America's penny and five dollar bill. Abraham taught us to always help others even though it might be tough. He helped end slavery. He was also the President during Civil War, even though he knew he might die, he still helped our country. He was certainly a hero for all of his accomplishments. He was a great president and he deserves to be on our penny and five dollar bill.

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