Young Heroes

Amelia Peter-Paul

by alanah from regina

When Amelia Peter-Paul was 11 years old she received a eagle feather from her mother. In Amelia's native culture the eagle feather is a symbol of honor and courage. She proved herself worthy of such a gift by trying to protect her grandmother from being stabbed. Amelia was stabbed 26 times with a pair of scissors. She needed many, many stiches to close her wounds.

Everyone in her community had heard of Amelia's bravery in saving her grandmother's life. Amelia has received many awards for her bravery,courage and strength.

Amelia is now 14 years old and a role model for young kids everywhere.She has become a talented native dancer and is very busy.

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Excerpt from the Mi'kmaq News

August 2004
This Month in History

1993 - Eleven year old Amelia Peter Paul protects her grandmother Mary Jane Jadis from a knife attack in their home in Scotchfort, P.E.I. The little girl suffers 26 stab wounds and a partially severed finger but saves Mrs. Jadis. Amelia recovers from her injuries and is later awarded the Canadian Bravery Award.

(The Mi'kmaq News is a special paper that celebrates the revival and rebirth of the Mi'kmaq people. "The aboriginal people of (Nujio'qoniik) Bay St George and the Port au Port Peninsula have come together for a common cause- our culture and heritage. We will no longer be ashamed of ourselves. Assimilation of our people will no longer be permitted. From now on we will celebrate who we are. We will get to know our ancestors through our history. We will be strong. We are proud Ktaqamkuk first nation people. We are Taqamkukewa'q.")