St. Joan of Arc

by Kyle from Cincinnati

Painting of Joan of Arc ( joanarc.htm)
Painting of Joan of Arc ( joanarc.htm)

If you went up to anyone on the street and said, “Who is a hero?” what do you think that they would say in response? I believe that the majority would say something like Superman or Batman. That however is not the kind of hero that Joan of Arc is. Joan of Arc had courage, faith, hope, adaptability, and had moral direction. She was a woman who believed she knew what she was put on earth to do and she died as a cause of this purpose. She was a leader instead of a follower and she has been a good influence on many even after her death. She was strong through the hard times and always was willing to lend a helping hand. She was a real hero.

Jeanette d’Arc was born on January 6, 1412 in Domremy. Her parents were Jacques and Isabelle d’Arc. She lived a normal childhood of a girl back then until she was thirteen years old. Her mother taught her skills like sewing and cooking but she also taught her religion. Later in her life Joan said this “As for spinning and sewing I fear no woman in all of Rouen” and again, “It was my mother alone who taught me the ‘Our Father’ and ‘Hail Mary’ and the ‘Creed;’ and from no other was I taught my faith.” But when she turned thirteen, she stared hearing voices inside her head. These supposedly were the voices of Michael the Archangel, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret. The voices first told her to be good and go to church often and God would help her. When the voices first started they would come once every few weeks or so. As she got older the voices came frequently telling her to go to France to raise the siege of Orleans, conduct the Dauphin Charles to Reims for his crowning and to drive the English from the land.

This led her to ask the loyal French governor Sir Robert de Baudricourt who rejected her many times but eventually agreed to let her go and see the Dauphin. When her mission began she changed her name to Joan. On February 23, 1429, she started her mission for God. Joan reached her destination on March 6th, but did not get to speak with the Dauphin, Charles, until March 9th. The Church Council allowed Joan to lead the Dauphin’s army, and she then freed Orleans and next drove out the English during the Loire Campaign. After this she marched to Reims to the crowning of Charles as the King of France. After he was named King he no longer listened to Joan’s advice or guidance. She was captured when she went out on her final campaign by the English who burnt her at stake on May 30, 1431. It wasn’t until 1920 that she was declared a saint.

If she were to be put into a category of a hero from T.A. Barron’s book The Hero’s trail she would be a “hero to others near and far”. One of the reasons why she is a hero to others near and far was when she was alive not only did she influence the women but also the men to be stronger when things get hard. She was also a good example of someone that has strong faith. She was burned at stake because she did what God called her to do. She gave her entire life up not for her own will but for God’s will. She was and still is a hero to others near and far.

Joan of arc Statue (
Joan of arc Statue (

Joan of Arc was not “Superwoman” but she did show many characteristics of a super hero. She not only powered through the easy times but she also came through the hard times only to become stronger. She is without a doubt a hero to others near and far and also a role model to others near and far.

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