American Red Cross

by Matthew from USA

A hero is someone who makes a difference in your life and is not looking for fame. My hero is the American Red Cross. This group does many things for those in need. Henry Dunant was the founder of the Red Cross. He was born on May 8, 1828 and died on October 30, 1910. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901. I think he is a great founder because he started the best organization to help people.

The American Red Cross has done amazing deeds though great storms and great tragedies. They have saved many lives by sheltering homeless people and by accomplishing amazing deeds. They are very committed to their jobs.

In the Midwest after one of their worst droughts, the American Red Cross saved many lives by providing for the people's basic needs. In 1991 they had a fundraiser for the victims of the Persian Gulf War. More than 18.2 million dollars was raised. The Red Cross is now active in helping the tsunami victims in Asia.

The American Red Cross is the greatest organization to me. These volunteers are so committed to saving people. They provide shelter and basic needs. They are my hero.

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