Animal Rescue League

by Ben

The Animal Rescue League is an organization dedicated to saving animals. They have a doctor for checking animals and an adoption center. The ARL save lots of animals.

The ARL is constantly out trying to save animals. They get animals out of trees, take in stray animals, and even take them from people who can't handle them. Sometimes these rescued creatures need medical attention.

That's the reason they have a doctor. Most injured animals have minor wounds, but sometimes surgery is helpful. The animal will only be up for adoption after they have healed. They also do check-ups for shelter animals.

They have an adoption center for shelter animals. People chose their favorite animal. There are small pens to bond with animals. When new animals arrive, especially young ones, they get adopted soon. There are many animals, so have fun choosing!

The ARL are great people doing good things for animals. Working every day to save animals, they help them, and then give them a new home to love forever.

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