Al Roker

by Danielle from Arkansas

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Al Roker

“I get to forecast the big chills.” This is something that Al Roker might say during the winter forecast. Al is quite different from other famous people. He doesn’t think so highly of himself like the rest of the people in the “famous life.” Al predicts the weather for the whole nation on The Today Show, and that’s a big job having millions of people rely on you for the weather. A hero to me has to help other people, have a positive lifestyle, and enjoy what they do. And Al does these things in his average daily life.

Al was born in Queen, New York in the oldest section there. He was included in a huge family. He had five siblings. Seeing how far Al got from having such a big family inspires me to try harder to reach my goals I’ve set or will set in the future. He graduated from Manhattan’s Xavier High School, and pretty much spent four years developing greater comic skills and bettering his graphic art.

Al had plenty of jobs before The Today Show. He attended The University of New York of Oswego while he was working a part time job as a forecaster. He wasn’t even going to major in meteorology but he had to take a science class to get his credits. He found he had talent in this field of work. Without Al today, we might have some weatherman that doesn’t have that much happiness with his work or just work there for the money. He makes people laugh every morning and puts a smile on their faces. That’s a true hero to me. Anyone that can make someone smile can also makes someone’s day.

He also hosted childhood obesity specials to prevent children’s parents from letting them get to that phase or the children themselves getting there. He talks about a teen that is five-hundred pounds. Al was trying to help kids to avoid that. He shows healthy eating habits and tells them the right way to exercise. Since he has been in this position before, he wants to show the kids these ways. I love that he cares about the world’s kid’s enough to take time to host this event.

Al Roker has the qualities that I believe a hero should have. He cares about the world and he cares about other people more than himself. I love that he has kept his career going since college and helps the country with the weather, everyday.

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