Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

by Jordan from Georgia

“She would rather light candles than curse the darkness and the earth was warmed by her glow.” – Adlai Stevenson.
Young Anna Eleanore Roosevelt (
Young Anna Eleanore Roosevelt (

My hero is the woman that Adlai was speaking of in this quote: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. When I was very young, I listened to an audio book about Eleanor’s childhood life, which was very miserable. I always admired her because of how strong, brave, and well-rounded she was. Her story is what some people would call the American Dream. She is my magnificent hero.

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born in 1884. Her seemingly normal family was in reality a torturous daily life of misery for young Eleanor. The mother did not love Eleanor, but she favored Eleanor’s two younger siblings, and her father was rarely home, thus she was starved of affection. Eleanor’s father and mother died, and she was sent to live with several relatives, where she grew up to be a shy wallflower. Education saved her from a miserable life of mediocrity, and she was accepted to an exclusive English school, where she became a popular student. With education and confidence she was able to live her life to the fullest. She met and married Theodore Roosevelt, and they soon became the President and First Lady. When Theodore died, Eleanor became a spokeswoman for America in the United Nations and was a well known woman of society for all that she did, especially for her beliefs, charm, noble ideas, and her actions.

“…No matter how plain a woman may be if truth and loyalty are stamped upon her face all will be attracted to her…” – Eleanor Roosevelt, age fourteen. This quote by my hero is true, and her life proved that. Her knowledge and good deeds helped America in a way that she never thought they would. She was able to stand up to the oppression of her childhood and do what was right. Fighting the natural urge in a horrible situation, which is to push everyone away and become mean, Eleanor broke through and became someone wonderful. Her childhood only prepared her for the influential position she was placed in. She took the dreary life that she had been given and made it something amazing. This is why Eleanor is my hero, because she shows me that anything is possible, no matter what happens, good can always come out of it.

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